20 Dec 2023

Data Exchange (DX) SDK Public Beta Update now available

Data Exchange SDK Update now available!

We are happy to announce an update to the Public Beta for the Data Exchange .NET SDK (version 3.3.1-beta). With this update you are better equipped to create your own Data Exchange connectors and custom workflows with the SDK! Please visit the Beta Portal to access, download and share feedback on your use of the DX SDK for all manner of data interoperability workflows. Once on the landing page, click into the Data Exchange SDK to find the release notes and download.

The Data Exchange Ecosystem consists of these concepts:

  • Data Exchange SDK: The Data Exchange .NET SDK (Software Development Kit) is a development kit that enables developers to build Connectors for Autodesk and non-Autodesk applications. The SDK utilizes DX APIs and other APS (Autodesk Platform Services) APIs which can help you to build Connectors quickly and efficiently. 
  • Data Exchange Connectors: Data Exchange Connectors are used to exchange data using plug-ins tailored to the tool you use and the sharing patterns that support your cross-app and cross-team workflows. Connectors can rely on DX SDK for their core Data Exchange tasks. We already have a bunch of Connectors available in our Appstore.
  • Data Exchange APIs: The DX APIs can store and retrieve design data into the cloud (in a file neutral format). Both Data Exchange SDK and Data Exchange Connectors utilize the DX APIs to build seamless workflows.

In this blog post, we will be focusing on the Data Exchange SDK

Highlights of the Data Exchange SDK

The Data Exchange SDK is designed to support creating custom workflows while sharing subsets of design models through cloud connected Data Exchanges.

Geometry support
Below are the geometry types supported (see also):

  • Primitive geometries (for example, points, lines, arcs, planes) 
  • BReps  (Solid geometry)
  • Meshes (Triton mesh)
  • IFC and STEP file translations

There are 2 types of parameters supported (see also):

  • Built-In Parameters (which adheres to the Autodesk Schema definitions)
  • Custom Parameters (these are outside of Autodesk Schema definitions, so they can be added / retrieved as custom parameters.)

To help group key parameters together we have also added ParameterSet support:

  • ParameterSet: We have seen patterns of parameters being part of a larger ParameterSet. The latest DX SDK release incorporates ParameterSet to support relevant applications

Nested Elements
Many design applications have a nested elements structure. Data Exchanges created from such applications require maintaining the nested structures and corresponding geometry. The latest DX SDK release incorporates nested elements.

Units Support
Different applications prefer different units based on their standards. The “Units support” makes it possible for the source and destination applications to specify their respective Units. (Examples – Feet, millimeters etc.) (see also)

Transformation Matrix
Scaling, rotation, transformation are a few of the key aspects of the designs. Data Exchange SDK does support transformation matrix to support them. (see also

Common Usage of the Data Exchange SDK

Access your ACC hub(s), project(s), and folder(s) that will be used to create, update, share and load data exchanges. ACC is the entry point for collaboration.  

  • For any ACC specific details, you can explore it from here
  • Access to both US and EMEA based projects for Data Exchange.
  • Build Connectors using the prebuilt components of the SDK.
  • Create and Update Data Exchanges containing a set of geometry and parameters from source connector 
  • Access, load the exchange into destination application to use the geometry and parameters from the source application.
  • Retrieve a list of property definitions within a Data Exchange.
  • Retrieve the latest version of a Data Exchange.

Quick Demo – Building a basic application

Check out this video for a demo.

Click here to view a video showing how to build a basic application


  • To join this Public Beta please use this link, where you can find the package for download. It is important to note that the SDK requires .NET 4.8.  
  • Provide feed back here, and you can ask questions here.   
  • The documentation is available here.
  • Samples are now available in GitHub:
    • Connector Sample: a reference implementation for a UI-based Autodesk Data Exchange Connector
    • Console Sample: a console app that demonstrates how to use the SDK

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