12 Jun 2024

A comprehensive guide to the APS developer accelerators

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Developer Advocacy team at Autodesk has been running APS accelerators for 5+ years in almost every part of the world. Let's admit, it's time to demystify these events for our community!

This blog post is everything you need to know about APS accelerators. 

What is an APS accelerator?

Autodesk Platform Services (APS) accelerator is a free technical support event for software developers working with Autodesk Platform Services. Each accelerator is a week-long activity (Monday through Friday).

There are 2 categories of the accelerators: 

1. In-person accelerators. We select a location and invite all our participants to join us in person. A lot of times, it's inside an Autodesk office. If some of your team members can't join us in person, they can join us virtually (upon request).  

2. Online accelerators. These events cover multiple time zones.

In both cases, we create a Slack channel dedicated to the event. Slack is our primary way of communicating and providing support. 

Let's sum it up

The APS accelerator is 

  • An opportunity to get technical support on your APS project 
  • An opportunity to meet APS experts 
  • Free to attend
  • Hosted all over the world and online 

The APS accelerator is NOT 

  • A training. All participants are expected to have an APS project they will be working on throughout the week. By the APS project we mean a web application leveraging at least one of our APS APIs
  • For beginner coders. All participants are expected to have intermediate-advanced coding skills. 

san fran accelerator
San Francisco Accelerator, January 2023
copenhagen accelerator
Copenhagen Accelerator, March 2023

What are the prerequisites to join the APS accelerator 

  • An application with a DETAILED description of your APS project (including the APIs you are working with). That helps us with the approval process and choosing the right experts to run the accelerator. An application that is missing this key information will be returned to you or rejected. 
  • Intermediate-advanced coding skills 
  • Willingness to demo your solution on Friday 

How do I sign up for an accelerator 

Choose the accelerator you'd like to attend on this page and submit your proposal. You will hear from our team shortly after! 

All accelerators are free to register and attend. 

Register now

What does the APS accelerator agenda look like?

The basic accelerator agenda is similar every month. 

  • Monday: Introduction presentations 
  • Tuesday-Thursday: you are coding with the help from the APS team! 
  • Friday: Demo Day

Apart from the standard agenda, every accelerator has unique activities (e.g., LUMA workshop, presentations on new API and services, sometimes even brewery tours...). You can always check the agenda for the accelerator you signed up for with aps.business@autodesk.com. 

How do I know the accelerator schedule? 

We run APS accelerators every month. A lot the events are already published on our website. See full accelerator schedule on this page

If you would like to know when and where our future accelerators will be, you can reach out to our team at aps.business@autodesk.com. 

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