10 Nov 2023

Call for feedback - NodeJS/TypeScript SDK Beta

SDK Beta

We are looking for feedback on the Beta version of a new SDK for the APS services.

How to participate?

Packages are available in NPM, just install and use. 

Which services & languages are available?

For this first round, packaged are built in TypeScript:

What about other services & languages?

Your feedback is important to help us prioritize, please join the feedback program or message us at sdk.beta.feedback@autodesk.com.

Looking for .NET?

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Harun Gitundu

Harun Gitundu

I am a developer advocate with Autodesk Forge. Joined the Developer Advocate team in 2022. Graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science. Experienced working with Python, JavaScript, and .NET. Focused on AEC Solutions.

Augusto Goncalves

Developer Advocate at Autodesk since 2008, working with both desktop and web/cloud apps using top technologies, like C#, JavaScript, NodeJS and any other that can solve problems and improve workflows. See my samples on Github and follow me on Twitter for updates.

Sajith Subramanian

Sajith works for the Developer Technical Services at Autodesk and provides programming support and training to developers on Vault, Inventor and Fusion 360 API. Raised in Pune, Maharashtra, Sajith has an Engineering degree in Information Technology from Pune University, India and started his career in 2007 as a C++ programmer, largely working on CAD development. During his time away from the computer, he enjoys...