12 Feb 2020

A brief history of Forge Fund investments and partnerships

Autodesk has a history of investing in and partnering with companies that are at the forefront of innovation in the design and engineering space. They have partnered with hundreds of companies over the course of their 30+ years. All the more, these valuable partnerships continue to contribute to how Autodesk innovates today.


In 2016, the Forge Fund was created to help companies that were specifically innovating with the cloud and Forge Platform APIs. The Fund also has helped to create a dynamic and evolving ecosystem of cloud-centric partnerships spanning robotics, drones, industrialized construction, AI, and more.


All the companies that the Fund has partnered with have been able to fast track their innovations and keep pushing boundaries in their respective spaces. We wanted to take a moment to highlight these impressive partners in our growing innovation network.


3DR – https://www.3dr.com/

3DR is focused on selling and developing secure UAV hardware solutions for Government and other security-minded customers, and working with companies interested in understanding the regulatory landscape of sUASs and Type Certification.


aPriori - https://www.apriori.com/

aPriori provides a broad portfolio of product cost management (PCM) software and service solutions for companies that design & manufacture complex products across a globally distributed and dynamic network of customers, suppliers and internal manufacturing facilities.


Assemble Systems - https://assemblesystems.com/

Assemble Systems, today an Autodesk Company – provides a SaaS solution that acts as a HUB consuming Building Information Models, drawings, and point clouds.


eSUB - https://esub.com/

eSUB is a tool for subcontractors to increase communication and coordination, so they can make more money on every project.


Factory_OS - https://factoryos.com/

Factory_OS builds well-designed, tech-ready multifamily homes 40% faster and 20% less expensive than conventional housing. They do this by building the bulk of the home off-site, right down to the toilet paper holders. Then they ship it and assemble it on-site.


ManufactON - https://www.manufacton.com/

Manufacton’s advanced cloud-based software helps you manage construction materials, off-site production, and on-site installation across your entire business–with expert support to keep you running.


Modbot - https://www.modbot.com/

Modbot is software defined robotics powered by flexible modular hardware, a beautiful programming experience, and rapid integration development software. Remove the headache of integration with adaptable robotics.


Project Frog - https://www.projectfrog.com/

As pioneers of prefabricated delivery solutions, Project Frog has been at the forefront of industrialized construction, iterating with hundreds of architects, engineers, manufacturers, contractors, builders, and consultants to push the industry ever forward.


Rhumbix - https://www.rhumbix.com/

Rhumbix offers smarter field workflows via a mobile platform for construction field supervision that ensures crews have the materials, tools, equipment, and approved drawings to complete the day’s work.


Seebo - https://www.seebo.com/

Seebo optimizes production through process-based industrial AI. Their solutions provide production teams with predictive alerts and automatic root cause insights to drive continuous process improvement and manufacturing excellence.


SmartVid.io - https://www.smartvid.io/

Smartvid.io helps construction teams observe, monitor, and predict risk in areas of project safety, productivity, and quality. SmartVid.io reduces risk on a jobsite through the power of artificial intelligence.


MakeTime - https://www.xometry.com/

MakeTime makes it easy for all customers - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - to access manufacturing on demand by providing the most efficient way to source high-quality parts. MakeTime was acquired by Xometry in 2018.


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