28 Nov 2022

Autodesk Forge is becoming Autodesk Platform Services

Autodesk Platform Services

You can read this article to learn more about the transition from Autodesk Forge to Autodesk Platform Services that was announced at Autodesk University. But first, we want to share some exciting updates that are coming up soon.

What is Autodesk Platform Services?

At Autodesk University 2022 Andrew Anagnost, Autodesk CEO, unveiled the Autodesk Platform which consists of industry clouds and a set of common, cloud-based services. There are 4 components in the platform:   

  • Autodesk Fusion – the industry cloud for Design and Manufacturing 

  • Autodesk - Forma – the industry cloud for Architechture, Engineering, and Construction 

  • Autodesk Flow – the industry cloud for Media and Entertainment 

  • Autodesk Platform Services – the common set of cloud-based services formerly known as Autodesk Forge

Autodesk Platform

So what's changing?

While Autodesk Platform Services will offer the same APIs and cloud developer tools that you know and love from Forge, there are some things that will be changing. We are excited to release to you a new look and feel across our website on December 7. Included in that update will be references to our new name Autodesk Platform Services. We also plan to update our URL to aps.autodesk.com as well. But don't worry, we'll redirect the old URL so any pages you've bookmarked will stay right where you put them.

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What’s happening to Autodesk Forge?  

The Autodesk Forge brand is evolving into Autodesk Platform Services. The same set of APIs and services that are known today as Forge will still be available under the new name. You can continue to expect Autodesk Platform Services to be a growing set of web services that increase the breadth and depth of your ability to automate processes and flow data across industries and projects, enabling better, faster decision making and time to delivery of your products and services. 

How does Autodesk Platform Services fit into the Autodesk Platform?  

The new name, Autodesk Platform Services, reflects the importance of Forge as a key component of the Autodesk Platform, delivering value to customers across all industries, In addition to being used internally to build Autodesk’s industry clouds and products, Autodesk Platform Services, (APS) is available for you, our third-party developers and customers, to customize products, create innovative workflows, and connect tools and data. 

What does Autodesk Platform Services consist of?  

Autodesk Platform Services, formerly known as Forge, is an evolving set of APIs and services to help you customize our products, create innovative workflows, and integrate other tools and data with our platform. In addition to web service APIs, Autodesk Platform Services (APS) offers an app marketplace of pre-built solutions that can help you quickly connect gaps, as well as a central cloud information model that can streamline how teams create and share data across project lifecycles. 

What can you do with Autodesk Platform Services?  

By ensuring that data is connected, accessible, interoperable, and granular, Autodesk Platform Services makes it possible to unlock insights from data that was previously locked up in proprietary file formats or lost in file translation. APS also enables you to connect your workflows and data across industries quickly, easily, and at a very low cost. This enables increased efficiencies, better and faster decision making, increased safety, increased growth in the top and bottom line, and accelerated innovation. 

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