30 Apr 2022

Autodesk Construction Cloud API Enhancements

Autodesk Construction Cloud API Enhancements

The newest API releases for BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud are here! Here are a few small, yet useful enhancements made to BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) API.


ACC Enhanced Assets API

The following two endpoints have been added:

·       GET error-codes

·       GET error-codes/:errorCodeName

The first one retrieves a list of all error codes returned by the Assets API. The second retrieves details about an error code by name. You can use this information to allow the client to better handle error responses programmatically.

An additional following query parameter for creating status set (POST status-step-sets) and custom attributes (POST custom-attributes) is added:

·       renameConflicting (boolean)

This specifies that any inactive (deleted) entity with a conflicting name should be automatically renamed to avoid a conflict.

Assets API is common for both BIM 360 and ACC. The above enhancements apply both.   


ACC Enhanced Forms API

The following field is added in the response when retrieving forms (GET forms): 

·       locationId (string)

This is the location Id associated with the form.  You can filter the list of forms by this field by specifying a sequence of locations ids as a query parameter. 

Forms API applies only to ACC API.


ACC Enhanced Data Connector API

Although this is not exactly an API enhancement, as a developer, you might find it convenient. A schema definition file in json format is added to the extraction zip:

·       schema.json

You will find it under schemas folder: schemas/schema.json. Prior to this addition, schemas were available only as separate html files. They are not developer friendly to use to pause data. This was an idea from feedback we got.     

Data Connector API is common for both BIM 360 and ACC. The above applies to both.   



Ready to start working with BIM 360 and ACC API?  Check out the documentation and get started today!




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