19 Mar 2024

Australia is now a supported region for the primary storage of project data


You now have the option for primary storage of your project data in Australia for certain Autodesk Construction Cloud products. For example, for the Autodesk Build regional offering in Australia, you can create an Autodesk Build account that allows you to specify Australia as the primary storage location for your Autodesk Build project data. 


The benefits of selecting Australia as your new storage region include: 

  • Greater choice and control over the primary storage location of your project data 

  • Optimized latency if using these services in the APAC region 


For more information about this offering, available services and tools in ACC products, including purposes for which data may be transferred out of the selected region, see here.


Accompanying this launch, Autodesk Docs and Autodesk Build regional offering for Australia are now available to the public. Select Autodesk Platform Services APIs for the Australia region are available in beta as future code changes may be required. Please refer to this post for the details of available services and tools in ACC products as a result of this initial offering. 


The following Autodesk Platform Services APIs are available today as beta *1: 

  • Data Management API  

  • Model Derivatives API  

  • Webhooks API  

  • Viewer SDK  

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud APIs 


What does this mean for your apps? 

Some apps may need to be updated to take advantage of this new offering. Stay tuned for a detailed technical blog to be released soon specifically for coders. We are also hosting a webinar to help you extend your app to support the Australia region. 


For more details on this new offering and API changes, please see the FAQ.  



*1) may change before general availability release.     


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