16 Sep 2020

AU Continuous Learning with Forge

If you can only attend a few classes, these will be ones that should make your list.

Keep up the learning with Forge at Autodesk University 2020

While the week of live Keynote broadcasts, panels, and roundtables may have ended, your access to that content has not. From now until December 20, you can still access all live sessions including Q&A sessions, lightning talks, and more. You can view all Forge classes and sessions below.


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10 Forge classes you don’t want to miss at AU 

There are so many classes at Autodesk University this year that it is hard to pick what you want to see first. We made it easy for you by listing the top 10 classes that you don’t want to miss this year. 


1. Forge Roadmap

Are you building apps on the Forge platform today? Are you using Forge as part of your Digital Transformation strategy – or helping your customers transform their business? Do you want to learn more about what the Forge Team has been working on over the past year? New Design Automation Engines including Revit, Inventor and 3ds max,, new BIM 360 APIs including Cost and Model Coordination (aka clash detection), order of magnitude increase in size and performance of models you can view, and more. Join us to learn about what's new with Forge APIs and what's coming in the next generation of the Forge platform. Get the insights you need to confidently create your application development plans.


2. 10 Useful and Cool Forge-powered Applications

Join Forge connoisseurs Jim Quanci and Stephen Preston on a lightning tour of Forge-powered web applications that are “in production” today. Through live demos and videos, you’ll discover the amazing applications that Autodesk Forge customers and partners are building. And, along the way, you’ll pick up some interesting ideas for how Forge can help you. You’ll discover a range of applications — from internal company tools to SaaS applications — in a range of industries. The class will examine as many demos as possible in 60 minutes, so we can’t guarantee that we'll show exactly 10 apps. But we can guarantee that the apps will be useful and cool (and, in some cases, amazing). 


3. All you ever wanted to know about convergence and why you should care

Convergence is the next stage of digitization, leading to digital blending of previously separate technologies, processes, digital and physical assets, the re-shaping of industry structures and markets as well as entirely new combination of products, services and experiences. This class will explore the underlying causes and effects of convergence in more detail and suggest how convergence can be leveraged as an opportunity for innovation and growth.  

 Moreover, this talk will highlight examples of how convergence has been leveraged by successful companies that have made changes to their ways of making.


4. Forge Partner Talks

Forge Partner Talks is a highly successful webinar series from the Forge team. Each session brings together a panel of industry professionals and trusted Autodesk partners to showcase innovative solutions and achievements with the Forge platform. The talks help customers stay abreast of the latest Forge powered design + make cloud technology innovations by featured Autodesk partners, and see how they can help their businesses be more competitive and profitable. Check out some examples at https://forge.autodesk.com/partnertalks 

This class touches on one of our most popular topics: Digital Twins in both manufacturing and construction. It will feature a mix of brand new partners and returning guests. Panelists take part in a discussion to showcase their solutions and discuss insights gained and challenges overcome along the way. They also look ahead to the future of Digital Twins. Panelists will be confirmed at a later date.


5. Empowering Forge with Power BI

In the Big Data and artificial intelligence era, Saipem's new business model considers innovation an integral part of corporate culture.  

Having a large amount of information available, and above all being able to count on a great calculation capacity that can improve decision speed and managing complexity, is one of the principles that will make digital and Big Data analysis increasingly essential in the present and in the future. 

In Construction department talking about data means clash with the complexity of data usability and management.  

This class will showcase how Forge Platform allowed Saipem to aggregate BIG Data from different sources (SmartPlant 3D, Tekla, Oracle, Navisworks) to analyze them (Power BI) and to get an updated dataset of information applying a full BIM approach. The class aims to describe the steps towards getting Power BI dashboard directly in Forge, approaching the system architecture necessary for this integration.


6. Sales Engineering Automation using Forge, Fusion Lifecycle, and Vault

Manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure to provide unique products to their customers while at the same time, improving their overall efficiency.  In this session we will explore how a configurator technology built on Forge, in conjunction with Fusion Lifecycle (FLC) and Vault, provides a seamless and integrated solution to achieve increased sales, reduced engineering cycle-times and ultimately greater efficiency.    

Using only a web browser, sales staff or even prospective customers can configure a product to their unique requirements and receive immediate visual feedback and a professional quotation.  When they are ready to order, information will flow seamlessly to both Fusion Lifecycle and Vault. Additional vault customization will provide additional downstream data such as DXF files - all automated using vault's lifecycle engine. 

 This session is certain to open your eyes to best-in-class processes for optimal efficiency, integration, and automation.


7. Enabling digital transformation through Autodesk Forge

To Maire Tecnimont getting digital is all about leveraging technology to boost employee’s productivity, streamline EPC workflows and deliver projects in time with the highest quality possible. In this scenario Autodesk Forge is one of the most valuable enablers of the digital transformation process. In this class you will discover how to exploit Forge technology for building analytical, strategic and operational dashboards, integrating different data from different sources and extending capabilities of existing platform through dedicated customization. Particular focus will be given on maximizing forge application performances to enhance the user experience. By the use of the OTG format, the multi-model feature and other specific procedures it is possible to handle thousands of 3D objects and relevant data-set in the blink of an eye. In conclusion, we will discuss the benefits gained by adopting Forge technology and highlight its disruptive impact on Company traditional workflows.


8. Digital Twin for Building Owners

Digital Twin (DT) for Building Owners in an emerging practice for Facilities Management, Operations, Maintenance. The large benefits of DT to overall Businesses beyond traditional practice are just being realized. As an iteration of Digital Twin from the digital manufacturing, product and machine space, the current industry definition as: Digital twins are software representations of assets and processes that are used to understand, predict, and optimize performance in order to achieve improved business outcomes.  Digital twins consist of three components: a data model, a set of analytics or algorithms, and knowledge.  This Roundtable will be jointly hosted by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (WDPR), Brandon Wlosinski and Autodesk Consulting, Dorian Chau to explore, define and understand what Digital Twin means for their Building industry today. Bob Bray Senior Director Autodesk ConstrucTwin will provide his insights to the Roundtable as well as other Enterprise Building Owners invited.


To view these and other classes held at Autodesk University this November, check out the class listing at the link below. 


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Looking for Industry-specific content?

If you're looking for Forge classes and programs specific to solving your industry challenges, check out the roundups below:

Forge for Construction

Remote working, cloud collaboration, and ever-increasing ways to improve safety are all hallmarks of the “connected construction” revolution taking place in the Construction industry. These shifts were gaining importance before the COVID-19 pandemic, but in this “new normal,” they’re absolutely critical.

Check out the Forge for Construction program and find classes specific to solving Construction challenges.


Forge for Manufacturing

The world of manufacturing is well on its way to becoming smarter and more efficient. Explore the Forge for Manufacturing program to see classes and presentations and learn how Forge can help you embrace this digital transformation.


Forge for Building Design

The digital transformation for architects and engineers has gone into hyperdrive since the pandemic, and Forge provides many of the tools that can help you take advantage of the shift. Check out the Forge for Building Design program to see how our customers are solving industry challenges, from automating time-consuming processes to coordinating workflows for teams. 


Forge for Civil Infrastructure

The infrastructure industry is facing a daunting challenge. To meet the demands of population growth, we need to build enough roads and rail to circle the earth 30 times, 20,000 more bridges every year, and 2,600 km of underground utilities – every day! While the demand rises, the workforce is diminishing, and existing infrastructure is aging too. Those are the challenges, but we also see so much opportunity.

Explore the Forge for Civil Infrastructure program to see how the Forge platform enables entirely new ways of getting your megaprojects from design to completion.


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Cloud platforms and technology are reshaping how we work. Industries, workflows, and processes converge in the cloud to create new possibilities. Forge tools and resources help you reimagine what is possible for your teams and their workflows. Explore how at the Forge Destination page, exclusively at AU 2020.


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