11 Mar 2024

APS Cost Analysis Demo

This sample combines design metadata with external cost data to provide a dynamic cost analysis and breakdown. It is built with Node.js on the server side, and JavaScript and CSS on the client side, with cost data stored in a MongoDB database.

By utilizing the APS Viewer and APS web services, the aps-cost-analysis-demo allows users to visualize and interact with the data in a responsive and connected environment. The integration with MongoDB database ensures efficient data storage and retrieval.

By incorporating currency conversion functionality into the aps-cost-analysis-demo, users can easily switch between different currencies and view the cost breakdown in their preferred currency. This feature can be particularly useful for international projects or when dealing with multiple currencies.

With the ability to highlight cost breakdowns based on number of objects per material, users can gain valuable insights into the cost distribution of their projects. This information can be useful for estimating project budgets, optimizing resources, and making informed decisions.

Overall, the combination of JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, and viewer properties in the cost analysis demo offers a powerful solution for managing and analyzing cost-related data in a connected and user-friendly way.

Find the GitHub repo : https://github.com/autodesk-platform-services/aps-cost-analysis

Live demo : https://aps-cost-analysis.autodesk.io


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