6 Jun 2022

Announcing Forge Data Days - A Global Event Series

Forge Data Days

Free your data.

Coming to a city near you! Join us at Forge Data Days, a one-day, in-person event happening in 18 cities worldwide, to learn how to fully unlock the value of your data with Forge. Hear directly from Forge experts on how Forge is powering enterprise digital transformations. See how we are making data more granular, standardized, and transparent – and helping you connect your teams, processes, and workflows. Learn how new Forge data capabilities and APIs can increase your productivity, automation, and profitability.

Who is it for

Come one, come all! Forge Data Days is for the developer who is just getting started with Forge and the veteran who has been working with Forge for a long time. It is also for customers and partners interested in learning how Forge can launch their company’s digital transformation journey.  Whether your work in construction or manufacturing, this event will teach you how to  “free your data” and accelerate your business using Forge.

Why you should join

This event series is all about familiarizing yourselves early on with Forge data and getting ready to use the new interoperability APIs. If you want to stay on top of the latest offerings from the Forge platform then you’ll definitely want to attend one of these events. 


We encourage you to attend the entire day, particularly if you are new to Forge as we will kick it off with an overview of the Autodesk Forge platform.  But if you are experienced with Forge, you may choose to arrive after that session ends at 10:30am to jump right into the deep dives on Forge data. 

9:00 am - 10:30 am: Overview of the Autodesk Forge platform

Come learn about the business growth opportunities that Forge brings. Forge experts will immerse you in the what, why, and when with live demos and real use cases. You'll see examples of Forge powered decision-making dashboards, digital twins, task automation including configurators, direct model to machine data flows that eliminate fabrication drawings, and much more.

11:00 am - 12:30 pm: Overview of Forge Data

Forge data is powering the move from individuals and teams with tools to enterprise digital transformation. Learn how Forge takes you from opaque data in CAD binary files to cloud-based databases where data access is quick, easy, extendable, and federated.

1:30 pm - 5:00 pm: Forge Data up close and personal

Learn how you can achieve speed, power, collaboration, and security for your design and make data at a low cost. This session will be focused on our Model Derivative and Design Automation APIs, Model Properties for BIM 360/Autodesk Construction Cloud, and taking a closer look at the Data Exchange API, which is built on Forge data and is all about interoperability. We will close out the day by diving into where we are going with Cloud Information Modeling based on Forge data for our 3 primary industries - AEC, Manufacturing, and Media & Entertainment.

When and where

Join us worldwide at any of the below locations. Sign up for our newsletter by April 30th to ensure you are the first to know when it opens. Space will be limited, so be sure to register early!


European cities
Munich, Germany May 31st Register Now
Gothenburg, Sweden June 2nd Register Now
Birmingham, UK June 7th Register Now
Milan, Italy June 9th Register Now
Barcelona, Spain June 14th Register Now


Americas cities
Detroit, Michigan June 21st Register Now
Boston, Massachusetts June 23rd Register Now
Denver, Colorado June 28th Register Now
San Francisco, California June 30th Register Now
São Paulo, Brazil December 13th Register Now


Asia Pacific cities
Tokyo, Japan (local language) - Virtual July 29th Register Now
Beijing, China (local language) - Virtual July 12-14 Register Now
Shanghai, China (local language) - Virtual July 12-14 Register Now
Shenzhen, China (local language) - Virtual July 12-14 Register Now
Taipei, Taiwan (local language) - Virtual July 12-14 Register Now
Singapore September 8th Register Now
Pune, India August 4th Sold Out
Sydney, Australia  August 1st Sold Out

*Please contact us at  to request an invite.


Check out our Forge Data Days event page and the registration pages for more information!


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