26 Apr 2021

3 Themes You’ll Find at Autodesk University 2021


This year for Autodesk University, the Forge team is planning a highly curated set of classes and sessions for you to brush up on the latest and greatest offerings from Forge. We want to show you what companies across the globe are doing with Forge APIs and services. To help you get the most out of AU 2021, we’re giving you a glimpse into 3 themes that you can expect to see at the event.  



Every day, time is wasted doing manual tasks, rework happens due to manual errors, and precious dollars are spent doing these things. Forge offers Design Automation APIs that can help you automate your key processes and workflows -- reducing time and cost associated with projects In 2021, you can expect to see some new stories of pushing innovation with design automation. Until then, check out these classes from last year.


Forging BIM Configurator for HVAC Systems

The class demonstrates how to use Forge to create a new user-defined office build space. We elaborate on how the assembly of complex 3D HVAC system configurations can be created. You can see how Revit design automation APIs can construct an accurate intelligent model on the server. 

Presented by: Praveen Kumar Ramachandran, Rohit Chavan, Sandip Jadhav - CCTech


The Cross-Platform Revit: Sharing Code with Plug-Ins, Dynamo, and Forge

In this lab, you discover a free and open-source framework that helps you quickly prototype Revit applications, while providing you with an easy way to develop modular code that can be portable to multiforms of Revit environments, like add-ins, Dynamo, and even the Forge Design Automation API. Presented by: Eduardo Thiesen and Thiago Almeida – Blackbird Industries




The world is quickly shifting from 2D to 3D. Visualization techniques are moving from novel to critical. From digital twins to IoT, visualizations of your models and projects are now supercharged with data and insights, that can be tapped into using Forge APIs. This year we hope to focus on visualization as a theme highlighting some of the key capabilities you can achieve with the Forge platform. Check out these classes that showcase some of the visually stunning things you can do with Forge. 


Fusing Document Management and GIS: An Autodesk Approach

When undertaking new projects, it is important to have easy access to all the supporting information, especially in the context of geographic location. By accessing the Vault and/or Forge API along with Esri’s JavaScript and REST APIs, you can directly integrate GIS data to provide better, more versatile access to this data. Presented by: Gerry James – SolidCAD


Campus and City Rapid-Energy Modeling and Data-Driven Forge Dashboard

A challenge has been the scaling of energy analysis across large building portfolios in order to identify and prioritize the buildings and retrofit measures. Prior methods were limited to single buildings, but this session introduces new capabilities that enable evaluation of entire building portfolios with minimal data inputs required. Results are presented dynamically in the context of a digital model and a custom Forge-based building portfolio management dashboard. Presented by: Matthew Goss – CDM Smith and Mathews Mathai - Autodesk


Digital Twin for Building Owners

This roundtable is jointly hosted by Brandon Wlosinski from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (WDPR),  and Dorian Chau  from Autodesk Consulting  to explore, define, and understand what digital twins mean for the building industry today. Bob Bray, senior director at ConstrucTwin at Autodesk, will provide his insights to the roundtable, as will other invited enterprise building owners.

 Presented by: Brandon Wlosinkski – Walt Disney and Dorian Chau - Autodesk



Enterprise Integration

No matter what applications you develop, if they don’t integrate with your enterprise systems you might hit a wall. Fortunately, Forge integrates with many enterprise software solutions. Our community connects Forge to storage systems like Box and Dropbox or cloud and data resources like Microsoft Azure and Power BI. Below you can find some companies that are utilizing Forge integrations today. If you are working on an enterprise integration, these classes will interest you.


Automatic Checking of Your BIM 360 Models

Built on Forge, the Model Checker tool can review all your models and generate reports on their compliance with the checks you define. Whether pass/fail, counts, or lists, you can view the check reports individually and easily put them into a Microsoft Power BI dashboard.

 Presented by: Jason Kunkel and T.J. Meehan – CADD Microsystems


Serverless, Rules-Based Design Automation with Forge and Azure

Learn how Design Automation for Revit can reduce tedious work and free up resources. This class describes Goldbeck's experience in the development of their very own cloud services for the automation of model checking. Goldbeck's BIM (Building Information Modeling) department is cooperating with Autodesk in the definition and creation of a framework for automating the execution of standard checks. The project aims at capitalizing on cloud computing to increase the overall quality level and free up resources for other tasks.

 Presented by: Jan Christoph Kulessa - Goldbeck and Giulio Pagan


Keep an eye out for more information on Autodesk University 2021.

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