Three key trends driving a transformation in data

Your data is your most important asset

Design and Make data is an often untapped gold-mine of resources that can provide important insights that can help you reimagine workflows. Learn about three key requirements of data and the tools available today that can help you transform your data into your most important asset.

Companies are bridging gaps with Design and Make data

Three steps on the path to data democratization

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We’re starting to see Autodesk make progress in really eliminating the file. If I break out the crystal ball, I suspect the direction of this file-less future is coming.

James Mazza, Solutions Architect, Stantec

What's available today to help you unlock the power of your data?

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Hear a dozen developers talk about the future of data and how Autodesk APIs will help them get there. From granularity to accessibility to interoperability, Autodesk is doubling down on helping software developers harness 3D model data.