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RainbowLink Desktop

Autodesk certified app

RainbowLink Desktop facilitates the data transfer (Items, BoM) between Autodesk® Vault® and Odoo or Microsoft Business Central. This solution enhances workflow efficiency.

Companies using RainbowLink can now focus on the engineering process allowing them to concentrate on engineering tasks without concerns about potential human errors in data entry. Our solution ensures accuracy and reliability, freeing up valuable time for innovation and core engineering activities.

With just a one-time configuration, RainbowLink seamlessly imports custom properties of items. Streamlining the process, it eliminates the need for repetitive setup, allowing users to effortlessly integrate and leverage personalized item properties from the outset.

Performance-wise we can guarantee a transfer speed of at least 2 Items per second.


  • Time: RainbowLink saves time by eliminating manual data entry, allowing a focus on strategic tasks.
  • Money: We reduce labor costs and minimize errors for a more profitable operation.
  • Efficiency: We automate processes to improve operational efficiency throughout the supply chain, avoiding manual data entry errors.

App details


Rainbow Link is a desktop application with its own interface capable of connecting to the Autodesk® Vault® Web Services API to extract data from. There is no window inside Vault® and no job to configure.


Autodesk® Vault® 2024
Autodesk® Vault® 2023
Autodesk® Vault® 2022


Target industries

Industrial machinery | Mechanical industry | Design industry


English | Spanish




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