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Forge Certified Systems Integrator Techture began as a 3D modeling service provider, and quickly grew into a diverse consulting firm of engineering and architecture professionals providing comprehensive, collaborative solutions to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Based in India with offices in London, Dubai, and Singapore, Techture consults on projects throughout the world in the infrastructural, commercial, industrial, healthcare, residential, and institutional sectors. Techture focuses on being at the forefront of design, constantly adapting leading technologies to help facilitate efficient building with minimum impact on the environment. Since its 2013 founding, the firm has been a champion of BIM (Building Information Modeling)-based approaches and provides services for virtual construction, design and engineering, construction management, and operations and maintenance.


For years, Techture has been helping its clients adopt BIM-based design, construction, and management processes as a means of driving efficiency. Now, more and more companies are setting sights on the cloud to connect data between companies and teams as a means of streamlining workflows, increasing accurate decision making, and eliminating paper-based processes. However, Techture clients typically do not have in-house software developers, and are searching for customization capability that’s not available out of the box. 

How Techture solved it with Forge

As long-time Autodesk software users, Techture decided that adopting and maximizing the Forge platform was the best way to benefit its customers. Forge flexibility enables widespread customization for each client’s needs, and can be used across multiple services, ranging from design and construction to operations and maintenance.

Right away, Forge improved the firm’s project acquirement rate. Previously, the firm may have taken months to develop a project’s proof of concept—a delay that could frustrate clients. With Forge, Techture can produce that same proof of concept in two to three weeks, winning more clients for much lower cost. 

For Techture customers, Forge provides a single cloud-based location where stakeholders can store, access, and update project data, collaborating across continents in real time with accurate information. Techture uses the Data Management API to collect and store project data. Then the Model Derivative API is used to convert more than 70 file formats from multiple software systems, eliminating the need for stakeholders to use a single, common software system. The converted files are then transferred to the Viewer API, which translates them into a model viewable in a web-based browser that can be accessed by any mobile device from any connected location. 


This capacity to view models online is critical to the AEC industry, as it lets stakeholders access models onsite and away from their offices. The Forge platform provides this viewability out of the box, so Techture doesn’t have to invest time in the costly, difficult task of developing its own viewer from scratch. Techture also utilizes a custom workflow developed by using the Forge Design Automation API to convert a file format that Forge does not yet support (RFA) in planBIM, their flagship SaaS product. This enabled them to save up to 99% API credit costs. You can learn more about that workflow here.

Additionally, Forge stores and runs Revit building design software in the cloud, letting Techture customers maximize its power without purchasing extra hardware and software. The vast Forge community also provides a robust support system for the firm as it pushes further in its exploration and application of the many Forge API capabilities.

Forge highlights include the following: 

  • Speeds proof-of-concept development, winning more clients for lower cost.
  • Translates 70-plus file formats for model viewing in web-based browsers.
  • Enables data sharing and real-time collaboration on multiple devices from any location, without the need for extra hardware or software.

To learn more about Techture, be sure to check out their Meet a Forge SI interview above with Viraj Voditel, CEO and Founder of Techture. You can also watch it here.

“Forge helps us to maintain our position at the forefront of technological advances in the AEC industry.” — Viraj Voditel, CEO and Founder, Techture

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