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Increasing productivity of sales and engineering team by automating quotation and design process.


Monarch Innovation—a Forge Systems Integrator—is a design and engineering software developer with a focus on clients in the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Monarch improves the efficiency and performance of its clients through multiple services. As well as standalone app development, the firm provides custom engineering, design, and software development and consultancy in multiple domains, including BIM (Building Information Modeling); Internet of Things (IoT); web, mobile, and cloud; and creative services such as AR/VR development and rendering and animation. Founded in 2009, Monarch Innovation is based out of India, has additional offices in Germany and the United States, and serves clients in countries around the world.


Digital transformation is revolutionizing industries worldwide, and the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry and manufacturing industry are no exception. As BIM becomes the standard, and accessibility and transparency are increasingly vital, companies are searching for efficient, cost-effective ways to step beyond legacy, desktop-based systems and move projects and processes to the cloud. However, developing solutions that integrate with existing systems can be a lengthy, complex, costly process that has lower-than-desired return on investment. 

How Monarch Innovation solved it with Forge

Monarch Innovation was facing a stream of demands from clients that wanted to provide their non-technical teams—such as sales, marketing, and management—with access to project data, but they didn’t want to invest in extra hardware, software licenses, and training. These firms knew that cloud-based data was the answer, and asked Monarch to provide solutions that integrated with systems that were already in place. 

The Monarch team understood that developing its own solution would consume too much time and resources. After exploring other software systems that fell short, Monarch decided that the Forge platform was the best choice. Using the powerful Forge APIs, Monarch builds customized solutions that enable firms to migrate all project data to a single, cloud-based location where stakeholders can access files across desktop and mobile devices in web-based browsers. 

The Data Management API enables data extraction from the various Autodesk clouds and products, and lets multiple users manage projects, issues, custom attributes, and documents. Script processing is handled by the Design Automation API, generating new items that the end user can easily customize. The flexibility of the Model Derivative API enables translation of more than 70 file formats. Those project files are then rendered as 3D models viewable in the Viewer API in any web browser. Stakeholders can access all project data while on-site or in the office. Changes to models are updated in real time so everyone has access to the correct, current project information. 

Monarch found that using Forge to shift processes to the cloud vastly increased processing ability, empowering multiple processes simultaneously. Whereas previously, team members struggled to create and showcase models of large files, now gigabyte-sized files can easily be viewed on client websites. Monotonous manual tasks that used to take weeks—such as uploading hundreds of files—are automated, saving hundreds of hours in work. And Forge integrates easily with client systems, freeing firms from the cost of extra hardware, licenses, and training.

Forge highlights include the following: 

  • Expands service flexibility and speed by moving processes to the cloud
  • Saves development resources with out-of-the-box functionality
  • Enables automation of massive amounts of manual tasks, reducing time spent and cost

“We still haven’t reached the limits of what Forge can do.”— Harsh Joshi, Co-Founder and Director, Monarch Innovations

Monarch Innovation

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Data Management API
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Design Automation API
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Model Derivative API

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