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Connecting asset management data lowers costs up to 25%

Operation and Maintenance

Concremat Engineering and Technology is one of Brazil’s leading engineering consultancy companies with a seven-decade track record of innovation and expansion. Concremat’s services span from infrastructure planning and design to operations and asset management.

The Challenge: A Relic of the Paper Age, Manual Inspections Drain Productivity

A relic of the paper age, manual infrastructure inspections were draining productivity for Concremat’s asset management business line. The traditional inspection process went like this: a field worker assessed an asset like a bridge or viaduct, jotted down anomalies item by item, returned to the office to map them out, and passed on findings to the engineering team who made recommendations to the owner.  That’s a six-step manual process with disconnected data at every stage and ripe for human error.

The APS Solution: Connect, Surface, and Visualize the Data

Concremat created a customized viewer that digitized the infrastructure inspection process by connecting, surfacing, and visualizing data into a dashboard with the help of Autodesk Platform Services. First, Concremat captures the existing conditions of civil infrastructure through laser scanning, which creates incredibly detailed and precise cloud-based BIM models built on APS. Autodesk Platform Services APIs make those models accessible in the field through a customized viewer, giving inspectors the ability to map and transmit observations to engineers in real time. No lengthy mapping process back at the office required. BIM360 APIs connect inspection data to the models, while the Viewer and Data Management API make the data usable with dashboards. By grouping anomalies—sometimes in the thousands—into graphical analysis, this APS-powered solution enables engineers to quickly assess the most critical needs and gives customers a crystal-clear view of conditions. Assessments and decision-making at every step improve.

Business Outcomes: Process Optimization Produces Results

  • Labor-related project expenses reduced up to 25%
  • Improved inspection accuracy
  • Better communication with customers through 3D visualizations and graphics

“We, of course, love that Autodesk Platform Services solution is improving our processes and saving us time and money. But just as important, it’s making our relationship with our customers better. We’re sharing higher quality information with them, giving them the confidence they’re maximizing the asset.” - Guilherme Borges, Implementation Coordinator


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