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AMCAD, a certified Forge Systems Integrator, comprises a multidisciplinary team of BIM (Building Information Modeling) specialists, engineers, software developers, and architects. In 2018, FSK Group approached AMCAD with a challenge. One of the largest companies in the Russian construction and real estate market, FSK Group contains many groups in disparate units that handle business activities ranging from investment to construction to facility management. FSK tasked AMCAD with creating a common information system that would empower FSK to seamlessly manage the company’s multiple business groups. AMCAD set out to create a single platform that would connect FSK’s information flows—as well as team members spanning a variety of specialties—across the many different company units. 


The construction process is complex and involves a variety of different specialties and stakeholders, all of whom require start-to-finish connectivity, with the ability to collaborate and access the latest data and models in real time. FSK Group was finding this connectivity and collaboration increasingly difficult. Multiple desktop applications meant that not every stakeholder was able to access all data, and designers were varying the ways in which they named model elements, which made it impossible to perform elementary checks of the model parameters. After undergoing an audit of its internal business processes, and deciding that the firm had to develop regulations for BIM implementations, FSK turned to AMCAD. 

How AMCAD solved it with Forge

First, AMCAD helped FSK create a system of classifiers that enabled employees to work with any models in a streamlined, unified way. AMCAD then developed an application that let employees automatically link an intelligent model with this system of classifiers. 

AMCAD turned to the Forge platform to access and view FSK data from BIM 360 cloud-based software. Because Forge is based on standard technologies like JavaScript and .NET, AMCAD team members could quickly start development of the application. Using the Forge Data Management API, users extract data from the intelligent model for business activities. Then, the Forge Model Derivative API lets users access model elements and associate them with the classifier. Finally, with the Forge Viewer, users can view models in browsers across devices.

With its cloud-based application, FSK can seamlessly manage projects across a variety of disciplines. Team members collaborate in real time, accessing the most recently updated versions of models, tracking issues, and saving time and cost.

Forge highlights include the following: 

  • Optimizes projects by linking the intelligent model with data bases through a system of classifiers
  • Enables streamlined data transfer from a model to an estimate
  • Reduces error and saves time by consolidating disparate processes in a single cloud-based platform for streamlined project management

“Now every owner and leader of the business understands the need to digitalize their company in a strategic perspective and in operational management. The Forge platform allows you to speed up and simplify this process by providing useful tools with the guarantee of their development by one of the most innovative companies in the world.” Maksim Kozmenko, Co-founder 


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