24 Sep 2023

Autodesk DevCon Highlights


The ship has sailed on Autodesk DevCon! Thank you so much to the 340+ customers that attended. Hosted by Autodesk Platform Services, Autodesk DevCon was the event for software developers and business innovators to learn about Autodesk's Design and Make Platform vision, our new Data Strategy, and how to leverage the power of Autodesk APIs and services to build innovative new solutions. This two day event was hosted in two cities, San Francisco 9/6-9/7 and Munich 9/11-9/12. We had an awesome time with everyone and wanted to share a few highlights from the event: 

General Sessions

We started both days with a jam packed General Session. On Day 1, you heard about Autodesk's Design and Make Platform vision and how important developers are to it. A platform, by definition, needs developers to build on it. They don’t make just one job better; they solve problems that allow entire industries to do more! We hope you heard how developers bring exponential value to new solutions that tackle unmet business needs. Then we dove into our new data strategy as well as interviewed Gautier Chastan of Microsoft and Alex Woodhouse of LMN Architects on their data challenges and platform efforts in San Francisco. In Munich, we interviewed Josha van Reij of Arcadis on their use of our new data APIs. We closed out Day 1 General Session presenting the hot topic Autodesk research on AI as well as showing a proof of concept ChatBot for granular data. 

On Day 2, we hosted a Developer Experience panel where we heard amazing stories from Brian Nickel of Allied BIM, Sandip Jadhav of CCTech, and Nick Boys of Henderson Engineers (in San Francisco) and Caner Dolas of GAMMA AR and Frank Neuberg of N + P Informationssysteme (in Munich). To close out Day 2 General Session, we presented our APS Roadmap highlighting all the latest and greatest offerings and what is to come.

Breakout Sessions and Research Workshops

Out of all the breakout sessions, the most popular topics were:

  1. Data API Roadmap
  2. Data Exchange Overview
  3. Access Granular Design Data using GraphQL in Autodesk Platform Services!
  4. Autodesk Data Models - Moving from Files to Granular Data
  5. Go Beyond with APS APIs: Best Practices for Developers
  6. Large Models and Autodesk Viewer: A Leap Forward

We will be sure to take this into account for future learning opportunities that we will offer you!




On night 1 in San Francisco we hosted a reception in the Autodesk Gallery where attendees got to network with Autodesk experts and their peers while amongst the immersive exhibits and transformational stories on display. In Munich, we hosted everyone aboard the Herrsching boat where attendees enjoyed beverages and dinner while mingling with their fellow innovators amongst a stellar sunset. What a blast! 


Customer Filming

With so many bright minds gathered in one place, we knew we had to capture some amazing stories of what our customers are doing with APS. We filmed interviews with LMN Architects, Allied BIM, CoolOrange, and Mott MacDonald, all to be turned into customer success stories in the coming quarters, so keep your eyes peeled! We also captured a ton of general event footage, as well as feedback from customers and leadership on our Design and Make Platform vision and new data paradigm. Be sure to join the APS Forum at AU to catch this feedback turned into a customer voices featured video!

Future APS Events

Thank you to everyone who attended and made our first Autodesk DevCon's back in person such a success. We truly loved seeing all of you and can't wait to see you again soon. We have a few future APS events planned that we’d love to see you at!

APS Online Bootcamp

October 16-19 (virtual)

Autodesk Platform Services (APS) Online Bootcamp is an online training for software developers in the basics of APS development. Our developer advocates will live-code various APS applications and answer your questions as you follow their steps.


September 18-22 (Seoul, South Korea)

October 23-27 (Barcelona, Spain as well as online)

Benefit from dedicated time to develop your application – with direct help from Autodesk Platform Services (APS) engineering experts.

Autodesk University

November 13-15 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

AU is the conference where you can learn how to put the possibilities of Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform to work. Together, we can make anything.

Learn more about APS events

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