22 Aug 2023

Autodesk Platform Services at Autodesk University 2023

Autodesk University will be held this November 13-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Venetian Convention & Expo Center. Registration is now open so you can get your tickets and start planning your trip.  

Ticket Pricing: 

  • In-person: $2,250  

  • Digital Pass: free 

If you want more information, check out the conference overview website. 

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Now on to the juicy stuff

We want to share what Autodesk Platform Services (APS) is doing at AU this year and give you a sneak peek at some of the sessions you can attend. 

Here are some of the places you can expect to see APS: 

  • Definitely check out the General Session with Andrew Anagnost and guests including our CTO, Raji Arasu.

  • Stop by the Autodesk Platform Services Forum on Tuesday 11/14, 2:00-3:00pm for time well spent with our platform leaders, data pioneers, and special guests. Ben Cochran, VP of Developer Enablement will share Autodesk's Design and Make Platform vision and how important developers are to it. Then Shelly Mujtaba, VP of Product Data, will dive into our new Data Strategy and API offerings. We'll have many customer voices on stage speaking to how they're getting the most out of their data as well as an in depth customer interview, stay tuned to find out with who!

  • Visit us on the expo show floor to meet APS experts and ask your burning APS questions. Moicon will have an awesome Digital Twin activation that highlights Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing (easy-to-read data and KPI visualizations in 3D).​ Come play with their sensor that is reflected in the Digital Twin and test a "real" use case for yourself. Also stop by to find out how you can win cool prizes! 

  • We have two fantastic APS customers speaking in Theater Talks on thought provoking topics. Elise Grosse, Chief Sustainability Officer at Sweco will be speaking in the "Sustainability by Design" talk on Monday 11/13​,  3:00-4:00pm. Andrew Davis, Regional Technology Lead for Jacobs, will speak in "How Data Enables Better Outcomes Through Automation and Insights" on Monday 11/13, 4:30-5:30pm.

  • We are also hosting a meet up, "Software Developers Meetup: Coders Connect!" on Monday 11/13 3:30-4:30pm so we can connect you with other like-minded professionals. Share what you’re building and hear from others to learn more about what’s possible with Autodesk Platform Services.


And this year, we aren’t holding back on classes. Here are all the Autodesk Platform Services classes you can sink your teeth into. We’ve got some really cool stuff to share and hope you can make time to join a few. 


General classes

  • Autodesk Platform Services: A Road Map

  • Kick Start Your Business with Autodesk Platform Services

  • Autodesk Platform Services Certified Partner panel 

  • Empowering App Store Users: Engage, Influence, and Share our Future


Data classes

  • Journey Towards Data-Centricity with Autodesk Platform Services

  • Data Exchange Unleashed: Revit, Rhino, and Power BI Integration in the Cloud

  • Breaking Silos: Sharing Revit and Rhino Data with Autodesk Data Exchange

  • Data Exchange for Rhino: The New Light in Design Interoperability

  • Maximizing the Power of Dynamo and Grasshopper for Data Exchange

  • Unlocking Autodesk Civil 3D Data Flow with Autodesk Data Exchange

  • Accelerate Data-Based Decisioning Using Autodesk Platform Services

  • How to Create a Data Exchange Connector Using Autodesk's Data Exchange SDK

  • Empowering VINCI by Using Autodesk Platform Services for Data Security and Team Productivity

  • Data-Driven: Digitally Share CAD Data Throughout the Product Lifecycle

  • Connecting Autodesk Fusion 360 to SAP Using the Fusion Data API

  • Powerful Data Standardization and Extraction by Autodesk Platform Services

  • Autodesk Data Models: Moving from Files to Granular Data

  • Democratize Data with AEC Data Model and AI: Break Data Silos Using Autodesk Platform Services

  • Breaking Barriers: Using Data Exchange to Connect Native Revit and Tekla Data

  • Explore the Power of the Autodesk Manufacturing Data Model and APIs Using GraphQL

  • Access Granular Design Data Using GraphQL in Autodesk Platform Services

  • Autodesk Data Exchange: Connect to Your Data

  • Unleashing Data-Driven Workflows and Collaboration Using the Fusion Data API


Automation classes

  • Using Autodesk Platform Services to Improve Design Management.

  • Streamlining the Design Process CO2e Footprint, Cost, and Time Assessment

  • Barton Malow's Guide to Automated Project Creation in Autodesk Construction Cloud

  • Revolutionizing Prefabrication with Autodesk Platform Services and AI

  • Jacobs’ Operation Cases on Automation and Analytics


Insights sessions

  • Sustainability and Impact: Expediting the Design Technology Journey to a Net-Zero World

  • Amplify Your Plug-Ins and Forge Dashboards to Full-Stack with AWS Amplify

  • With a Click: Reduce Cost and Climate Impact in Building Design

  • Empower BIM-Integrated Structural Analysis Workflows Through the Revit API

  • Business Intelligence Within Autodesk Products Done the Disney Way

  • Ground2in: Create a Digital Twin of the Ground for Soil Remediation

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud API Update and Beyond

  • Becoming a Construction Manager Superstar: Unleash the Power of Autodesk Platform Services on 4D/5D

  • Inventor as a Platform for Industrialized Construction

  • Introducing the Autodesk Tandem API: Building Your First Digital Twin

  • Build Dynamo Packages Like a Pro: From Zero to Hero, the Easy Way

Sustainability Classes and more

Check out this blog to see how Autodesk and our customers are making an impact.

Design & Make Stage in the Expo

This stage is in the center of the One Autodesk Zone in the Expo Hall and will host a multitude of lively and engaging 30 minute presentations. These are not in the catalogue to add to your schedule, but they will be noted in the event app and promoted throughout the expo hall so you know the schedule. Be sure to check out the following APS presentations:

  1. ChatGPT powered PowerBI connector with data exchange of APS. Make Power BI your new co worker
    1. Tarika Jain, nCircle Tech
    2. 11/13 at 12:30pm
  2. Disruptive Material Selection: Enhancing Sustainability in Construction with APS
    1. Valentin Noves
    2. 11/13 at 1:00pm
  3. How an Autodesk Platform Services Certified Partner can help you
    1. Sanjana Chand, Autodesk
    2. 11/13 at 1:30pm
  4. Autodesk Platform Services Data Exchanges - Opening New Paths for Interoperability
    1. Geoffrey Tears, Symetri
    2. 11/13 at 2:00pm
  5. Grain industrial facilities design using BIM and ACC
    1. Fernando Mallard, ofcdesk
    2. 11/15 at 3:00pm
  6. Tame the BOM-beast: unleash manufacturing efficiency
    1. Marco Mirandola & Milt Capsimalis, CoolOrange
    2. 11/15 at 3:30pm

Feedback Workshops

  1. Building Trust in Autodesk Updates
  2. Desktop Connector Feature Prioritization
  3. Design Odyssey: Navigating the Future of AEC with Generative AI
  4. Customer Catalyst: Igniting Innovation through Feedback
  5. Autodesk Platform Services Business Models
  6. Building Ethical AI: An AI Red Teaming Discussion with Dr. Rumman Chowdhury
  7. Co-creating a Personalized App Recommendation Engine
  8. Managing and Accessing Multiple Accounts
  9. Co-Creating the Future of 3D Real-Time Interactive Environments
  10. Shorten steps for accessing and finding your data in Autodesk Cloud
  11. Administrative Tools for End Users
  12. Improving how you install, update, and manage access to Autodesk products
  13. How do we improve the Admin Experience?
  14. Single-Sign On via Trusted Devices
  15. Rule-based Automation - Optimize product assignments based on usage data
  16. Improving the Security of Sign-on, Identity and Access Management (IAM)


We look forward to seeing you at Autodesk University this year! Register today to reserve your space. 


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