17 Apr 2023

Authentication v2 and deprecation of v1

UPDATE: We have extended the deprecation date of V1 for authentication. Read more about it here.

Authentication was one of the first available services for Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Forge). Much has changed since its first release, including new web standards to allow better ID integrations, like OpenID standard. We remain dedicated to improving Authentication services. There are new features in v2, such as PCKE support, and /revoke & /logout endpoints. 

Authentication v1 is now deprecated. Any new apps created should use Authentication v2. Existing apps can continue using v1 until April 30th, 2024 (New Date). Please refer to the documentation and migration guide for details. If you are using the Autodesk packages, you will soon see updates to v2.

Any question, please reach aps.help@autodesk.com support. 

Summary of what's changing for existing apps:

Please refer to the migration guide for details. 

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