Meeting material and sustainability goals with efficient information sharing


Bimmatch is an AI platform that optimizes the procurement of cost-effective, low-carbon building materials from the early design of the project all the way through building maintenance. The Bimmatch data center couples each customer’s building material standards with an intelligent material-matching engine, empowering AEC teams to choose the right products for sustainable, on-budget projects.  

The Challenge: Poor procurement data leads to cost and carbon overruns, wasted time and material

Without consistent access to material requirements, project teams make poor procurement decisions that lead to cost and carbon overruns and wasted time and material. 

All projects have unique locations, requirements, and goals that inform which building materials fit within spec. Nearly 9% of projects exceed budget because of mismatched materials. 

Construction partners spend a lot of time extracting material data from files and spreadsheets and ensuring it meets requirements. Bimmatch sought to give every project player easy digital access to material data from design to construction.

The APS Solution: A cloud integration to share standards, match materials, and monitor compliance

Bimmatch integrated its material procurement platform with Autodesk Construction Cloud, allowing project stakeholders to create a dynamic bill of materials with a quality control report, GHG emissions calculator, sustainability compliance ranking, and cost calculator, from 3D Models stored in Autodesk Build, Autodesk Docs, or BIM 360. Bimmatch indexes each project’s requirements and suggests matching real market products from among thousands in its database. 

These matching capabilities were first developed for the design phase, with a Bimmatch plug-in for Revit. To move the model data further downstream, Bimmatch used the APS Data Management and Model Derivative API and the Viewer to fetch and display materials data for use by general contractors, procurement teams, vendors, and other project members. 

The Bimmatch integration calculates budget and greenhouse gas emissions data and then recalculates them if alternate materials are applied. As team members work, they synchronize their data, allowing them to monitor up-to-the minute compliance reports throughout the project’s lifespan. 

With a reliable set of materials standards, construction teams can now create more accurate bills of materials (BOM), automate requests for quotes (RFQ) to suppliers, and make real-time changes that meet standards.


Business Outcomes: Fast material procurement and real-time monitoring

  • Less cost and materials waste: Construction teams can adjust materials for cost and carbon savings while ensuring they meet project requirements
  • Better BOM and RFQ: Reliable set of materials standards improves accuracy of procurement
  • Real-time collaboration from design to construction: Teams can see changes and outcomes as material updates are made

“We attack the pain points of budget overruns, carbon emissions, and inefficiency by empowering AEC teams with knowledge. Because Autodesk provides tools to sync data from design to construction, we can enable all team members to use the right specifications and to have real-time awareness of the project’s progress.” - Cheli Wasserman, CEO, Bimmatch


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