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Software and hardware developer HiPer IT focuses on digitally transforming “normal” real estate into ESG-compliant, sustainable, high-performance buildings. Based in Germany, and a member of the BPS Group, The HiPerWare® end-to-end platform launched in 2021 and is the first of its kind. It aims to democratize the building operations market by delivering transparency and significant energy cost savings.  HiPerWare integrates big data into a building’s intelligent model, providing owners with real-time digital twins of their structures. HiPer IT serves customers throughout Europe, and is expanding to the Middle East and North America.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming standard in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, digitally broadening collaboration capacities, streamlining workflows, and increasing efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings. But after project handoff, paper-based processes continue to swamp owners of large energy-consuming assets, such as business centers, shopping malls, hospitals, and museums. They struggle to achieve effective, energy-efficient operations and maintenance throughout vast structures with complex utility systems. Analyzing processes and identifying and predicting issues is complicated and costly without big data operations. Once managers do become aware that an issue exists, the source of the issue has to be located. Huge as-built drawings must be accessed and documents printed, with information lost along the way. And multiple parties must physically travel to decipher and resolve the issue. HiPer IT has provided the solution to this problem—with Forge as its backbone.

How HiPer IT solved it with Forge

Opting to forego costly, time-consuming in-house development, HiPer IT turned to the Forge platform to quickly bring to market the HiPerWare® platform.

This unique offering integrates a building’s utility big data into the intelligent model used to construct that building. This provides owners/operators with a real-time, streaming digital twin of the structure that enables visualization of the building’s operational processes. They can identify and predict issues and their locations easily, and react in a fast and effective way.

HiPer IT uses the Model Derivative API to download and translate intelligent model files. The Viewer API extracts and converts these files into 3D models or functional schematics viewable in any web browser across devices, with access to the model’s metadata. For customer models that are already in BIM 360, data can be accessed in the BIM 360 cloud repository using integration from the HiPerWare platform. HiPer IT uses the Data Management API to create an account link, enabling the customer to access their intelligent models in the HiPerWare platform.

Owners can track systems in multiple properties from one screen, regardless of their location and without additional software or hardware. The HiPerWare platform issues alerts based on predefined rules or machine-learning anomaly detection. Owners can then quickly view the issue and notify the right people to resolve them. Workers can access the web-based 3D model of the building on site to quickly understand how to address the problem. Also, previously, the knowledge of the building often remained with an on-site employee, leaving the owner dependent upon that person, and requiring retraining of additional employees in that person’s absence. Now the HiPerWare platform enables anyone to glean the necessary information to address and resolve issues—even people who have never had contact with the structure.

Forge highlights include the following:

  • Enables reduced consumption costs of up to 12%.
  • Helping HiPer IT speed new features’ time to market.
  • Attracts business and builds customer confidence due to its position as a proven solution.

“Forge is a proven solution, so customers feel at ease using the HiPerWare platform—which wins us business.”—Arseny Tarasov, Global CEO, HiPer IT


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