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CoolOrange offers cutting-edge software tools and plug-ins tailored specifically for Autodesk product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM). CoolOrange enhances manufacturing projects with advanced functionality and unmatched efficiency.

The Challenge: Unlock the downstream potential of file-bound engineering data

CoolOrange needed to unlock the downstream potential of file-bound engineering data. Vast amounts of valuable data are generated during design. However, it is often locked in on-premises design and data management solutions that are inaccessible to the people who could use it downstream, such as installation teams, suppliers, builders, manufacturers, owners, and operators. CoolOrange wanted to transfer on-premises design data seamlessly to the cloud to be used across workflows, industries, and the product lifecycle.

The APS Solution: A connector that extracts data for seamless sharing

CoolOrange used the Data Management API to build a connector that extracts data from on-premises solutions such as Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD and stores it in the cloud. The lightweight, granular data can be shared bidirectionally and viewed on a web browser. Designers working in on-premises solutions can seamlessly incorporate cloud-based data into their local work without switching between systems. Downstream users can access design data in the cloud without installing new, specialized software. So, if a designer comes up with a better pulley assembly, someone working in procurement 18 months later can easily find everything they need from the product design data to order 10,000 units. And the data can have a useful life far beyond its design origins.

Business Outcomes: Better collaboration, communication, customization

  • Better communication and digital asset management has customers seeing a 15-20% design productivity improvement
  • Data quality is improved by 30%
  • Easy customization and integration by third-party developers

“The cloud-based platform and API-driven infrastructure facilitate seamless communication and data sharing among diverse stakeholders, allowing for better collaboration and digital asset management. That’s going to revolutionize cross-industry communication and data sharing.” - Milton Capsimalis, Head of North American Operations and Business Development, coolOrange

APIs and Services

Model Derivative API
Model Derivative API
Data Management API
Data Management API

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