22 Mar 2024

Which SDKs are using OAuth v2

We've been promoting the new SDKs (.NET, NodeJS/TypeScript) which have been using OAuth v2 from the start. 

If you're still using the old SDKs and not migrated to OAuth v2, you don't have much time left: Important Update: Authentication v1 Deprecation Extended to April 30th, 2024 – Act Now!

The latest versions of the old SDKs have been migrated to OAuth v2 so at least you'd need to update your application to use them.

Autodesk.Forge: 1.9.9
Autodesk.Forge.DesignAutomation: 5.1.2 (uses Autodesk.Forge.Core 3.0.2 for authentication)

forge-apis: 0.9.9

If you want to make absolutely sure that the SDK you're using is in fact calling the OAuth v2 endpoints, you can use a proxy utility like e.g. Charles - see picture on top.  

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