20 Jul 2021

How to transfer application from one Forge account to another Forge account or Forge App Key transfer request

If you have apps in your Forge account that you want to transfer to a different Forge account because of various reasons like Forge trial expiring or an employee leaving the company etc. You can submit a transfer request after reviewing the instructions below.

  1. We need the client_id(do not share client_secret), transferor(current app owner) and transferee's(new app owner) e-mail address.
  2. An email approval from the app owner(transferor) to transfer his apps to another account.
  3. When an app is being transferred from one account to another, make sure that the transferee's email address must be a Forge subscription account.
  4. Before transferring the app, the user should login to the Forge account http://forge.autodesk.com >> SIGN IN at least once using transferee email address.
  5. After reviewing the above steps, send a transfer request which includes the client_id, transferor and transferee's email address to forge.transfer@autodesk.com.

If you have any questions, please contact the Forge Support team.

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