19 Jul 2023

Fusion Data API is now called Manufacturing Data Model API

The ‘Fusion Data API’ has a new name. Starting 19 Jul 2023, the new name will be 'Manufacturing Data Model API’. Autodesk delivers collaboration, data management, and enhanced product workflow capabilities to our customers, through Design and Make Data.  The Autodesk Platform will use the Autodesk Data Model to manage, organize, and connect your design-and-make data across our industry clouds, to enable new workflows and possibilities for your business.

The Manufacturing Data Model (formerly known as Fusion Data) is built on the Autodesk Data Model, providing a consistent method for accessing and sharing data from our manufacturing industry cloud. This change reflects our continued commitment to provide a platform that enables connecting end-to-end processes and workflows through data, automation, and insights. 

Our team is diligently updating the 'getting started' and 'developer documentation' pages to ensure a seamless transition and reflect the new name. Rest assured, the name change of our API will not impact any endpoints, queries, or mutations you currently utilize.

You can learn more about the Manufacturing Data Model & APIs here.

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