26 Oct 2018

The Forge DevCon 'Futures' Track

Next up in our series of Forge DevCon track summaries is the 'Forge Futures' track, which consists of three components:

  • The Forge DevCon Keynotes (1:15pm-3:15pm on Monday), where Sam Ramji (VP for the Autodesk Cloud Platform) and Brian Roepke (Senior Director for Forge Product Management and UX) will discuss our high-level Forge strategy. Read more about our keynote speakers here.
  • The Forge Roadmap class, where Shawn Gilmour (Director for Forge Product Management) will present a more detailed (and more technical) overview of new Forge APIs we intend to release in the coming year. We're scheduling this class twice on Monday - once at 8am and again at 5pm.
  • All the other Forge Futures classes, which go into even more detail into the APIs and technologies presented in the Roadmap class. These classes will be spread out over Monday and Tuesday.

Here are the highlights:

A very exciting Forge API enhancement is the extension of the Design Automation API to support both Revit and Inventor, in addition to AutoCAD which was already supported. We have basic overview classes for both Revit and Inventor, as well as (a late added class that you might have missed) how the two can be used together.

If you use BIM 360, then don't miss Mikako Harada's class covering all the recently and soon to be released new BIM 360 APIs, including Issues, RFIs and Checklists.

More 'blue skies', but possibly most important of all, are our classes on the Forge Data Platform and Forge Workflows. We wanted to include these topics so that you know how we're thinking about the future of Forge (and the Future of Making Things), and so you could give us your early feedback. We expect these classes to be very popular so we've scheduled each one twice -  once on Monday and again on Tuesday.

And if you have any questions on these, then come ask them at Cyrille Fauvel's Meet the Experts class on Tuesday afternoon.


There's still time to register for Forge DevCon Las Vegas - find out more here.


Finally, before I go, I owe some of you an apology ...

If you were an early registrant for Forge DevCon who jumped in and signed up for all the Forge Futures classes, then you'll probably have received one or two emails over the last couple of weeks informing you of some changes to these classes. [If you didn't receive any emails, then don't worry - that means you didn't sign up for any of the modified classes.]

I'm really sorry if your DevCon or AU schedule was impacted by these changes, and I hope you were either happy with the modified topic for the class or you were able to find another class at the same time that interested you. We have to set our Forge DevCon class schedule in June, which means that the technologies and APIs to be Forge Futures track are still being worked on while we're defining our syllabus. These changes are tweaks the Forge Futures syllabus based on an additional 5 months of development work.














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