24 Nov 2020

Forge "Data Visualization" Components - Early Access

Now that AU is finally over, you probably heard about the new Components, coming to the Forge platform, during the AU2020 Forge Keynote

It's True!


Forge "Data Visualization" Components are coming, and we are looking for volunteers of our private-beta...


What are these components?

- If you ever wanted to build your own Dasher 360 then this is for you !

- Combine your CAD models (Design Data) with Sensor data (Business Data)

- Search and Visualize

Additional perks:

- React Development (finally)

- New Database connectors (to Azure and AWS)

- Digital Twin ? ... create your own POC from Zero-to-Hero in no time !


How do I find out more ?


- Check out the AU talk: Forge Road Map: Visual Insights talks

- Try the demo here: hyperion.autodesk.io 

- Click 'Contact Us' button, with your feedback and interest




Finally, we are giving "early access" to these components, during the Forge "Candy Cane" Accelerator and we are focusing on Digital Twins.

So if you want to start building your Digital Twin POC, this coming Dec 7th-11th and want to try something new, then...

sign up today ! 


Hope to see you then.

Twitter: @micbeale


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