7 Oct 2020

Forge AU Classes for Construction

10 reasons to not miss Forge classes for construction.  Well, eleven reasons actually.

Forge has got classes dedicated to specific industry needs. If you are a construction pro interested in learning what Forge can do for you, these are the classes you’ll definitely want to check out.

If you haven't got your pass to Autodesk University then now's the time to register. The event is November 17-20, is fully virtual, and is of no cost to attend.

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1. Forge for Construction Leadership Presentation [On-Demand on the Forge Industry Destination page]

Join Alli Scott, Director of Construction Thought Leadership & Customer Marketing, and Ron Locklin, Director of Global Business Strategy and Marketing for Forge, as they highlight how Forge and the cloud is changing construction workflows and processes. Hear from customers BAMCore, Holobuilder, and AECOM as they talk about the impact these changes have had on their business. If you catch one Forge for Construction class, make this the one!


2. 90 minutes to build an Autodesk Forge application for project management - CS463313-L

Project schedule is an important factor that needs to be strictly controlled to ensure the success of a project. Therefore, contractors need a simple, useful application that can also be accessed online in order to perform project management tasks with BIM model during the construction process.

In this class, you will learn how to build a Forge application to visually manage project progress by utilizing BIM models. Forge platform is Cloud-based developer tools from Autodesk. We will introduce Forge APIs by walking through some sample code demonstrations to help you gain access to your BIM data. Forge APIs also provide you the way to manipulate and update more information in BIM model on cloud.


3. Integrating Construction Project Management & Accounting Platforms - CS467189

This class will focus on a high-level workflows between BIM 360 Cost and various standard industry ERP packages. We will also introduce the middlewares making these connections, and the importance of connecting project controls with construction ERPs.


4. Forging Industrialized Construction - CS469269

You now know what industrialized construction is. Learn how different technologies to improve and augment your current workflows. This session will review several technologies including Autodesk Forge in the application of an Industrialized construction workflow. The conversation will include the workflow from design to commissioning.


5. Release your hands: automate your BIM360 project setup with Forge - CS468152

While companies try to adapt BIM 360 to their projects and integrate with their existing workflow, one of pain points is about setting up projects in scale. While using product’s web user interface may be enough for the few projects, tasks setting up projects--such as adding users and building a standard folder structure with appropriate users permissions--can easily become time consuming, tedious manual labor. It is also error-prone.

In this class, we will show you a tool that help setting up projects in bulk by importing from csv files. The tool consists of a collection of commands which you can run in combination. The features include: creating projects, populating users and company, setting up services, adding users to a projects, creating folders with users permissions.

The tool is a desktop application written in .NET using Forge API.  For those who wish to further customize the tool to integrate with your ERP system, we share the source code and explain implementation detail.


6. Efficient ways to visualize and analyze data in BIM360 project with PowerBI - CS468447

BIM practitioners are seeking more efficient ways to analyze the accumulated data in BIM 360 projects in daily bases. One of popular, powerful tools, Microsoft Power BI, provides intelligent dashboards to inspect the data.

In this class, we will show you three different ways to analize BIM 360 projects data with PowerBI for BIM coordination and communication purposes: 1) with no coding, 2) with a little bit of coding, 3) with real programing (yet with handy templates). You will also learn how to build a simple app that integrates PowerBI and Forge.

Join us and discover which method is suited for your skill set and your workflow, or combine them in different scenarios.


7. Serverless, rules based design automation with Forge and Azure - CS470404

This class will describe Goldbeck's experience in the development of their very own cloud services for the automation of model checking.

Goldbeck's BIM department is cooperating with Autodesk in the definition and creation of a framework for automating the execution of standard checks. The project aims at leveraging cloud computing to increase the overall quality level and free up resources for other tasks.


8. Sustainable Construction Solutions that Reduce Time, Labor and Cost - CS468704

The traditional method of site building walls using studs is labor and time intensive, and results in a fundamentally flawed product, with a substantial percentage of the wall being thermally and acoustically bridged. BamCore has developed a wood-bamboo hybrid panel that is structural and load bearing and enables us to build walls from panels that are pre-fabbed to customer specifications and eliminate 80-90% of the internal framing, along with the thermal and acoustic bridges that framing creates in traditional walls. This also reduces the need for hard to find job-site labor.

This class will cover the design steps we use, CAD-CAM workflows, the marking of MEP locations and our job-site app, giving a comprehensive view of our industrialized construction processes. We will also talk about the tremendous sustainability of the BamCore system, which comes both from the use of incredibly fast growing timber bamboo and the dramatically improved thermal envelopes that our walls provide.


9. Brownfield Projects: Applying a Scalable AWP Approach with BIM360 & Forge - CS468850

Many owner/operators have recognized the value of Advanced Work Packaging and have seen large projects benefit from streamlined project delivery and better collaboration. This session will provide an overview of how to successfully apply AWP best practices to a portfolio of small brownfield projects. 

O3 Solutions powered by Forge and BIM 360 provides an automated approach that eliminates spreadsheets and manual processes. The combined solutions address the overall AWP strategy and right-sizing AWP for each project.

O3’s digital work package management solution is the first to help project teams create, update, approve, and progress work packages through their entire lifecycle–and automate the process when possible. Robust reporting and analytics keep all stakeholders informed with real-time information from the field powering portfolio level cross-project comparisons across contractors.

Ditch manual processes on your brownfield projects and realize the benefits of scalable AWP.


10. Leveraging data through PlanGrid Connect and Forge - CS463615

The “Leveraging data through plan grid connect and forge” masterclass will cover how to link PlanGrid with NextGen BIM360 Docs by utilising the power of data collection through BIM360 workflows and PlanGrid field reports. The speaker will be able to demonstrate the added benefit of being able to leverage data for trend analysis via PowerBi and automatic modelling by integrating the output with Dynamo. Basic principles of PlanGrid and usability for the average user will be covered alongside best practices, workarounds, shortcuts, limitations and benefits. An array of case studies will be explored giving live project application examples and how they have integrated with external tools, such as What3Words.


And if you really want to round out your AU construction experience, check out these blog posts and recommendations from the Autodesk Construction Solutions team.

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