13 Feb 2023

February News Recap


We don’t want you to miss any of this month’s updates. Below you’ll find a full recap of this month's announcements, new code samples, documentation, events, and more.


ACC/BIM 360 Cost Management Webhooks API

We are excited to announce the general availability of Webhooks API for Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and BIM 360 Cost Management!  We have heard many developers asking for Webhooks for ACC/BIM 360. This is the first set of Webhooks API for Autodesk Build! Using Webhooks API, you can subscribe events triggered by certain actions, such as when a budget is created/updated/deleted; your application can monitor and respond to it. If your application requires synchronization of data between the Cost module and your applications, this feature eliminates the needs for polling many times, drastically reducing the number of calls. Read the blog to see 43 new Webhook events that the Cost Management Webhooks service exposes.

Scoped Tokens are Here!

Tokens are the core of Forge/APS platform's access control mechanism.  Tokens act like a temporary password, and grant access to sensitive data and resources only to authorized users while keeping the system secure. Today, we are introducing "Scoped Tokens".

Unlike traditional tokens, "Scoped Tokens" are a token that embeds a list of URNs, which limit what Forge Viewer (now APS) is allowed to view. 

When the APS Viewer wants to read SVF2 derivative files from OSS (APS Buckets), the OSS service permissions system decides if the token has access or not.  If yes, then the Viewer will load the 2D/3D model, if no, then the Viewer is blocked.

The list of URNs, is specified at the time of issuance of a token, and it can’t be changed later.  When the APS Viewer uses a scoped token containing URN, "ABC", then the viewer will only be able to view the model URN 'abc' - nothing else. Read the blog to learn more.

Code samples and tricks

Check out our latest code samples to jumpstart your application.

Continue to learn more with all previous code samples here.


We want you to get the most out of Autodesk Platform Services. We're here to provide you the best learning opportunities and materials. From informal group chats, week-long events to 1 on 1 help, and beyond, we have a resource for everyone.


The APS Accelerator program is a week-long opportunity for developers to work intensively on a chosen project with help and support directly from the Autodesk Platform Services team. Attend an Accelerator to network with industry experts and peers, exchange ideas, and build your proof of concept

  • Hybrid Pune, India – February 20-24th. Sign up now.
  • In-person Copenhagen, Denmark (sustainability-focused)– March 20-24th. Sign up now.
  • In-person Nice, France – April 24-28th. Sign up now.

Coffee Break

Every 2 weeks, join Autodesk DeveloperAdvocates to chat about what's new and in development, over a cup of coffee.

The Doctor is In

Book an appointment with our team of experts and receive live answers to your technical or business questions. We're here to help!   

Coffee without Commitment

A developer coffee break just for our Portuguese developer community! Join us for our next chat on March 16th.

Customer Stories


Cideon enables better decision-making at every stage of product design and manufacturing with a two-way connection between CAD and ERP. Check out their customer story video to learn more.


What’s a world of interoperability look like? Learn how CCTech unlocks better collaboration, richer visualizations, and more sustainable outcomes with cloud-based data connectors in this customer video.


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