31 Aug 2018

Design & Manufacturing Highlights at Forge DevCon Las Vegas

Forge DevCon


Interested in learning more about how you can apply Forge in the design and manufacturing space? We have a great line-up of classes in the D&M track at Forge DevCon that include both customer case studies and technical classes. Here are some of my favorites:  


  • Join Autodesk expert Chris Gill to see how to leverage Fusion 360, Fusion Team, and Forge to create a simple product catalog solution for your customers. [FDC 226739]
  • Interested in hearing more about new Inventor Design Automation API? Learn from three customers who will demo their applications built on the beta API. Each customer will describe how they’ve been able to automate their workflows in Forge and leverage Inventor designs and iLogic rules. [FDC 225569]
  • Hear from Brian J. Smith, President of ORDERFOX.com, on how they created a platform matching CNC manufacturers with customers, utilizing the Forge platform to implement easy viewing for more than 50 types of design files and increasing engagement rates by almost double. [FDC 225826]


And since many of our classes touch on topics relevant to more than one track, make sure to keep an eye open for classes in other tracks that sound interesting from a D&M perspective. I know I’m excited about hearing from Sandip Jadhiv, CEO of CCTech and one of our first Forge Systems Integrator Partners, on how you can use machine learning in the design of mechanical systems. [FDC 225495] I’m also looking forward to hearing from Lauren Vasey, from the Institute for Computational Design and Construction, about the Collaborative Robotic Workbench her team created. This workbench features an augmented reality interface for superimposing data and dispatching tasks to the robot, a background computational engine for task distribution and path planning, and an online web platform for process visualization using Forge APIs. [FDC 227482


I hope you are as excited as I am about all of the learning opportunities coming up at Forge DevCon! 


Forge DevCon passes start at $150. You can learn more at the Forge DevCon website or reserve your space by registering today.  


See you in November! 

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