20 Feb 2020

Design Automation V2 API Retirement

Design Automation

V2 of the Design Automation API will be retired on Tuesday, May 12th, 2020. If you haven't yet migrated your application to V3, you have until then to do so before your application stops working.


In October 2019, we launched V3 of the Forge Design Automation API. The V3 API added support for Inventor, Revit, and 3DS Max engines in addition to the existing AutoCAD engine. It also introduced some breaking updates and enhancements to the API. At the same time, we announced the deprecation of the Design Automation V2 API and disabled the ability to provision new apps for the V2 API. Since then, we have been directly emailing all Forge customers with applications that are still making calls to the V2 API to remind them that V2 would soon be retired.


If you need help migrating your application from Design Automation V2 to V3, please contact our Forge API support team.


Additional resources

If you're looking for more Design Automation API resources, check out some of the quick links below:


Please refer to this migration guide for detailed information.


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