6 Sep 2023

Data Exchange Connector SDK – Public Beta

Data Exchange Connector SDK

What is a Data Exchange Connector?

Data Exchange Connectors are used to exchange data using plug-ins tailored to the tool you use and the sharing patterns that support your cross-app and cross-team workflows. Autodesk is building a collection of connectors, currently available in the Autodesk AppStore, and vote for new connectors here.

What is the Data Exchange SDK?

The Data Exchange .NET SDK (Software Development Kit) is a development kit that enables you to build Connectors for Autodesk and non-Autodesk applications, including custom enterprise applications using the prebuilt components of the SDK. The SDK can be further extended to build custom Connectors for a more distinct requirement.

What can I do with the SDK today?

Following are the common uses you will come across while using the Data Exchange .NET SDK.

  • Build Connectors using the prebuilt components of the SDK.
  • Create and Update Data Exchanges.
  • Load, Unload, and Manage Data Exchanges.
  • Navigate to your ACC hub(s), project(s), and folder(s) to retrieve Data Exchanges and its data such as elements, properties, and their values.
  • Retrieve a list of property definitions within a Data Exchange.
  • Retrieve a specific version of a Data Exchange.

What are the requirements to join the beta?

To join this Public Beta please use this link, where you can find the package for download. The documentation is available here. It’s important to note that the SDK requires .NET 4.8. Samples are now available in Github:

  • Connector Sample: a reference implementation for a UI-based Autodesk Data Exchange Connector
  • Console sample: a console app that demonstrates how to use the SDK

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