4 Dec 2023

Data Connector Schema is now with public endpoints

Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and BIM 360 Insight Data Connector provides the way to extract account or project data in jobs. Each entity will have a few tables of csv. When the extraction is completed, the data can be downloaded by specific table, or by the zip with all tables of the job.

Previously, the schemas are available in the html files in sub-folder (schema) of the zip package. Each file describes the schemas of the tables of the specific entity. One readme.html file is also within the zip package. It is the entry page to all schemas pages. It also contains the information on the detailed change log of Data Connector. In addition, the schema in JSON is also provided in the package.

Obviously, to get up-to-date schema or change log, you had to post a new job and wait for the zip package. Now, the good news is two new API endpoints are exposed to deliver all ACC Data Schema detailed documentation as well as a "changes" endpoint to see any changes to the schema. All of this documentation is available in both human readable HTML and machine readable JSON. The endpoints can be accessed directly without any authentication:

The schema of entity is like before. You can open the direct page which includes all available csv tables of this entity. Or check the schema in JSON.


The change log is presented in a table view at each sprint. It indicates what are added, or modified or removed/replaced. It shows clear history of the schema change that will help you to migrate the code smoothly. It will also enclose notable upcoming changes. They will be called "Change Notices" and they will be highlighted before the list of detailed change.


The README.html and schema folder will always be included in extracts. These endpoints are just making them easier to access for users and share publicly. 

Should you have any questions or feedbacks, please feel free to contact aps help


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