18 Jan 2021

BIM 360 Data Connector API

6/6/2022 Update: API is officially released.

Today we’re announcing the availability of BIM 360 Data Connector API as public beta!

Data Connector feature is a part of BIM 360 Insight module: In UI, you can access it from your account level Insight >> under Data tab. Data Connector API allows you to extract exactly the same data programmatically: i.e., admin and project information, companies, such as users, roles, issues, checklists, RFIs and cost. It also includes the data defined in project admin, such as custom attributes definitions for issues, issue types definitions and root causes for issue. You can use Data Connector API to automate extraction and connect with Business Intelligence tools to analyze and process the data in the various BIM 360 modules. 

Using Data Connector API, you can: 

  • schedule extraction: one time, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. 
  • specify service groups you are interested in. 
  • get a list of existing requests and their configurations.
  • set up a notification using webhooks. 
  • get the list of extracted data.
  • download all or a selected data.

The format of extracted data is csv. Additionally, you will see Readme.html, which describes the schema of csv file, and a zip file that you can use to download all at once. API provides signed URL to download. The extracted data set is available for download for 30 days. (This is the same as UI.)  


  • Data Connector API supports 3-legged authentication only. The user must have Executive Overview permission.
  • When a request is newly created, it may take a few minutes before API could return the jobs list.
  • Be careful not to set effectiveFrom, effectiveTo to the past time when you create request.

For more information about the Data Connector API, please check out the official API documentation on Forge developer portal. The tutorial section will be a good starting point to understand how Data Connector API works.


Code Samples on GitHub: 

Xiaodong Liang, the author of above samples, will write a blog post about it in more detail in coming days. Stay tuned.

If you have questions, feel free to ask questions through our normal forge support channel. Feedback welcome! 

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