7 Dec 2020

Convergence in Manufacturing: Embracing the Digital Transformation

D&M Keynote

Autodesk University 2020 launched on November 17th with multiple product announcements, vision statements, hundreds of robust pieces of learning content, and much more. But one theme, in particular, was very clear throughout the conference - Autodesk wants to help you Reimagine Possible and gain that competitive edge. COVID-19's impact has changed the way we work forever. The shift to a more digital, connected, and virtual future is calling on you to unleash innovations that deliver new benefits, experiences, and value. There is no time like the present to invest in the Autodesk tools that will get you there. 

But how exactly are we going to create the New Possible? By ushering in the Era of Convergence. Convergence is the next stage of digitization, leading to the digital blending of previously separate technologies, processes, and digital and physical assets; the reshaping of industry structures and markets; and entirely new combinations of products, services, and experiences.

To help show you the true value of Convergence, we are posting a blog series on Convergence in your Industry.  Start off by reading Convergence with Forge as our cloud platform underpins much of what can be done for each industry. Then below you will find pieces of Product Design & Manufacturing AU content that teach you more about this phenomenon and show how you and your industry can capitalize on Convergence as an opportunity for innovation and growth. 

Product Design & Manufacturing and Convergence

Forge for Manufacturing

The manufacturing world is well on its way to embracing Convergence to become smarter and more efficient. The Forge cloud platform is accelerating many new ways of making, such as creating digital twins that offer real-time insights into factory performance, connecting workflows and processes that were once fragmented, and much more. In the Forge for Manufacturing program, you hear from Srinath Jonnalagadda, Vice President of GTM for Design & Manufacturing, and Brian Roepke, Senior Director and Head of Product for Forge, on just how pivotal this era of Convergence is. They introduce 3 customers who have already reaped the benefits of reimaging possible. Moicon shares how they used Forge to bridge the physical and virtual worlds transforming 3D models into a cloud based digital twin, enhancing how buildings are designed, operated, maintained, and serviced. American Air Filters used Forge to connect data and automate workflows in their configurator solution called Visionaire. Visionaire streamlines sales, taking into account space and effectiveness to help design custom units. Toshiba Elevators is also reinventing. They used Forge to bring together data from store specifications and CAD systems to create a sales configurator. With Forge's Design Automation APIs they automate the creation of 3D models in the configurator which allows models to be customized on-demand. This creates a more streamlined, personalized process through every stage of the project lifecycle: sales, design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation. The potential improvements and possibilities from capturing and analyzing data around elevator usage, vibrations, failures, and other metrics, are endless.

D&M Keynote

With the global pandemic, manufacturing companies have been forced to rapidly adjust to new ways of working remotely, disrupted supply chains, and dramatic shifts in consumer demand. In the Design & Manufacturing Keynote, industry leaders share strategies for adaptation and driving Convergence. Autodesk experts showcase how evolving tools and technologies can help manufacturers build resilience, improve collaboration, and automate processes to overcome the critical challenges they face today and prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow. And you hear how Hyundai used generative design to create the Elevate, a new vehicle that can walk over difficult terrain to save lives. In addition, see how MXD is training the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow to work side-by-side with intelligent automation. 

Digital Transformation

In Digital Transformation Annessa Piper, Marketing Director, Design & Manufacturing, discusses how during a year of companies being agile and producing miraculous life-saving tools and more, we've also seen supply chains fail. Our tools are continuing to be better connected to keep you, your employees, and your manufacturing systems moving forward faster. Autodesk is helping design and manufacturing companies adapt to the need for Convergence by breaking down silos and connecting their people, processes, and supply chains. Even tapping into new emerging markets. You hear inspiring customer stories about their digital transformation journeys from Odico, a pioneer in architectural robotics, Robo Challenge, a small creative engineering firm, Briggs Automotive Company, and VisiConsult, leading the industry in building complete X-Ray inspection systems.

D&M Keynote
D&M Keynote

Be sure to watch the above Autodesk University 2020 programs to get a well-rounded idea of just how impactful Convergence can be to you, your team, and your industry. And check out the other blogs in this series to find inspiration from other industries:

If you'd like to learn more about how different industries, processes, and disciplines are coming together, check out this overview on Convergence.

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