1 Oct 2020

6 Forge Classes for Manufacturing

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The Cloud and Manufacturing

The cloud is having a massive impact on manufacturing. By using the cloud, users are can enable new connections, processes, and workflow. Forge allows users to extend desktop applications to the cloud enabling things like automation, real-time data, and customized solutions. Check out these Forge classes for manufacturing to learn more about how you can use the cloud to revolutionize manufacturing processes.


7 Forge Classes for Manufacturing

1. Forge for Manufacturing Leadership Presentation [On-Demand on the Forge Industry Destination page]

Join Srinath Jonnalagadda, VP of Design & Manufacturing, and Brian Roepke, Sr. Director of Forge Product Management, as they explore how the cloud is disrupting manufacturing processes and workflows. Hear from three companies, Moicon, American Air Filters, and Toshiba Elevevators, as they discuss how Forge is transforming how they do business today. If you can catch only one Forge for manufacturing class, make this the one!


2. Using iLogic with Design Automation for Inventor to create a Configurator - MFG473705

Inventor Design Automation, in general, allows the use of desktop APIs to be executed in the cloud, similar to how they would work on the desktop, but without the need of any installed software or its dependent licenses.

An additional advantage of Inventor Design Automation, which may be easily overlooked, is its capability to run iLogic scripts in the cloud. These scripts being embedded in the CAD file itself, can be programmed to auto execute under certain conditions.

This class speaks about taking advantage of this capability to combine Forge Design Automation with iLogic, to create a configurator, by modifying an input Inventor File (IPT) in the cloud, according to the inputs provided by the user on an easy-to-use UI. The results can be immediately viewed on a web browser using the Forge Viewer, and can also be downloaded in multiple formats such as IPT, IDW, and PDF.

This web application sample uses latest web technologies and is OS independent and mobile device friendly.


3. Using Autodesk Vault with Forge Design Automation for Inventor - MFG473706

At Autodesk University 2015, the combined use of Vault API and the Forge Viewer was first demonstrated.

This class continues on that path and showcases the use of the Vault API and Forge Design Automation for Inventor to programmatically modify Inventor files that reside within Autodesk Vault.

We will see how to check-out a file from Vault, modify the file using Forge Design Automation for Inventor, thus eliminating the need of having a local install of Autodesk Inventor and its dependent licenses.

Post modification, we check-in the updated file back into Vault thus creating a new version and maintaining file history.


4. IoT Manufacturing Demo, Optimizing CNC toolpaths using Fusion 360 and Forge - PM469347

In this demo we will walk though a simplified example of capturing real-time manufacturing data (cutting temperatures) from a hobby-class CNC Router as it machines aluminum and visualizing that data on the visual model of the part being manufactured.  Cutting tool and workpiece temperatures are direct indication of cutting efficiency and tool health.  Mapping temperatures can help validate and suggest adjustments to feeds, speeds, and depth of cut to achieve the nominal chip-load.

While this is far from an industrial solution, this demo shows the power of IoT manufacturing within a simplified context to explore the utility and promise of cloud-based manufacturing solutions, built with Autodesk Forge.


5. Forging BIM Configurator for HVAC systems - FAB468859

The industry is moving from mass production to customize solutions. Therefore the demand for custom BIM software solutions is increasing tremendously. However, custom solutions are expensive to develop. Now with Autodesk Forge, you can build custom BIM configurators with minimum investment and time. 

We created a custom simulation app for HVAC professionals to produce a sustainable design. The app simulates the performance of design spaces and HVAC systems configuration in the cloud. The class will demonstrate how a new user-defined office build space can be created using Autodesk Forge. We will elaborate on how the assembly of complex 3D HVAC system configurations can be created. You will learn how Autodesk Revit design automation APIs can be used to construct an accurate BIM model on the server. Attendees will learn with these techniques, how to create vast varieties of online BIM system configurators such as kitchen design, furniture design, infrastructure design, and others.


6. Sales Engineering Automation using Forge, Fusion Lifecycle, and Vault - MFG469225

Manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure to provide unique products to their customers while at the same time, improving their overall efficiency.  In this session we will explore how a configurator technology built on Forge, in conjunction with Fusion Lifecycle (FLC) and Vault, provides a seamless and integrated solution to achieve increased sales, reduced engineering cycle-times and ultimately greater efficiency.  

Using only a web browser, sales staff or even prospective customers can configure a product to their unique requirements and receive immediate visual feedback and a professional quotation.  When they are ready to order, information will flow seamlessly to both Fusion Lifecycle and Vault. Additional vault customization will provide additional downstream data such as DXF files - all automated using vault's lifecycle engine.

This session is certain to open your eyes to best-in-class processes for optimal efficiency, integration, and automation.


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