23 Aug 2022

Autodesk Construction Cloud Locations Write API

We are pleased to announce the availability of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Locations write API. 

The Locations enables you to represent a collection of building areas as a hierarchy or a tree structure. In the API documentation, a locations tree structure is also called a location breakdown structure (LBS). The locations are defined in the project admin module, and used in multiple modules, such as Assets, Issues, Photos, Forms, RFIs and Submittals. You can find more information about locations feature in the product help.

In this release, the following API functionalities are made available: 

Read API was released last year. You can find the information about the read endpoint at New Endpoint: GET Locations in BIM 360/ACC. Please note that write API works with ACC only, while the existing read API endpoint is compatible for both BIM 360 and ACC. 

The Field Guide section of the document describes the terminology and workflow for manipulating Locations nodes in detail. The page also includes the current limitations of API. A few points to note:  

  • Only "Area" node type is supported when creating a new node using POST nodes.
  • You cannot create a "Root" node.  The root node is automatically created for the given project.
  • The maximum number of nodes (including the root node) allowed in the Location tree is 10,000.
  • The maximum depth of the Location tree (tier) is 20.


Code Samples on GitHub

We have posted a postman collection. We are working on one sample application. We expect it will be available soon on our GitHub page. Please come back to this page in a week or so.   

  • Postman Collection
  • forge-acc-locations-manager: (coming soon) a .net core sample that demonstrates managing locations and importing Locations from model properties.

If you have any questions and feedback, please contact us through our Forge support channel. 


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