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Cross-platform remote access protocol for media and metadata

Autodesk® Wiretap™ is designed for remote browsing, reading, and writing of media and metadata from Autodesk Flame®, Flame®Assist & Flare.
The Wiretap SDK provides a client-side programming interface for developers to create standalone applications that communicate with remote Wiretap servers. It supports C++ and Python™ and is compatible with Linux® & macOS® operating systems *. Wiretap maintains backward compatibility with earlier Autodesk applications.

*As of November 2023, the Wiretap API is no longer made available on Windows operating system. For more information, please contact ADN support.

SDK and tools

The SDK enables developers to create Wiretap clients, which are programs that use the client API to communicate with a Wiretap server. Clients can be desktop or web applications, plug-ins for other applications, Python modules, or batch files. Each Wiretap client usually communicates with a specific server implementation, like the IFFFS Wiretap server or the Backburner manager.

Command line tools

These tools are recommended for everyone because they allow you to see the API in action right away. The tools directory in the Wiretap Client SDK contains a number of executable programs you can run from the command line. Use them to become familiar with the API capabilities.

C++ classes and libraries

Experienced C++ developers can use these classes to program their own Wiretap clients. The Wiretap Client SDK comes with C++ headers and libraries files which will allow you to write client application on Linux® and macOS®.

Python scripting

Python modules are the basis for writing scripts that can be run immediately without compilation. Support for the popular, easy-to-use Python scripting language allows production facilities to better integrate Autodesk Wiretap into their production pipeline.


Get a license and download the Wiretap SDK.

Community and support

Whether you're an experienced Wiretap user or just starting out, we have resources to help.