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BuildingConnected and TradeTapp APIs

Streamline construction operations with integrated data solutions

Optimize your construction processes through effective data extraction and synchronization API capabilities. The BuildingConnected API extracts bidding and opportunity data from BuildingConnected Pro and Bid Board Pro, while the TradeTapp API is designed to retrieve qualification and financial information from TradeTapp and Bid Board Pro. Both APIs seamlessly integrate with CRM, ERP, and data analytics tools so you can gain a comprehensive view of your projects, bids, opportunities, vendor qualifications, and financials to streamline workflows and enhance decision-making. 

Fundamentals and tools

If you're looking to explore the APIs further, here are some basic resources to get started.

BuildingConnected API

TradeTapp API


Get step-by-step guidance to learn how you can complete the most common API workflows.

BuildingConnected API

TradeTapp API

Code samples

Explore practical examples that demonstrate specific API functionality implementation and build upon the existing code to customize it according to your needs.

Community and support

Whether you're an experienced BuildingConnected and TradeTapp API user or just starting out, this is a great place to ask questions, share tips, connect, and learn from others.