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Enhance mapping and infrastructure management

AutoCAD® Map 3D® is a specialized development platform for mapping, land planning, and infrastructure management applications. It provides industry-standard tools and direct access to CAD, GIS, and raster data formats from multiple sources, without data copying or conversion. The latest release offers customizable industry models for gas, water, wastewater, and electric industries. The APIs include ActiveX, AutoLISP, ObjectARX, Geospatial Platform and Feature Data Objects (FDO). ObjectARX and FDO API are exposed as C++ and .NET. Geospatial Platform API is exposed as .NET only.


When developing on AutoCAD Map 3D, you have two broad APIs to choose from :

  • APIs based on AutoCAD entities (Object ARX, .NET, COM Automation, LISP)
  • Geospatial Platform API, which works with features from FDO data sources only


You need both SDKs to develop object oriented C++ applications for AutoCAD Map 3D.


Code samples

Source code samples that show you how to use the new Geospatial Platform API are included in the Map 3D ObjectARX SDK. These samples are located in the Map Samples\Platform subfolder. They work with GIS features only, i.e. data from FDO sources.

The Map 3D ObjectARX SDK also contains .NET samples in C# and VB.NET on how to use the older APIs that work with AutoCAD (AcDb) entities only, such as Object Data, Topology, Classification, Object Filter, etc. These are in the Map Samples subfolder.

Because AutoCAD Map 3D is built on AutoCAD, you can take advantage of the AutoCAD source code samples for ActiveX (COM Automation), VB/VBA, and Visual Lisp in the Sample subfolder of the AutoCAD Map 3D installation directory. In addition, the AutoCAD ObjectARX SDK contains AutoCAD .NET and C++ source code samples which are useful for Map 3D application development.

Community and support

Whether you're an experienced AutoCAD Map 3D user or just starting out, this is a good place to ask questions, share tips, connect, and learn from others.