JE Dunn Construction Company

Delivering transformational construction management solutions with precision.

JE Dunn is a leading provider of construction management services, design-build and integrated project delivery, operating out of 20 office locations across the United States.


JE Dunn needed a simple way to integrate BIM with their internal estimating tools. They wanted to breakdown the data silos that existed in the company, and address the lack of visibility on construction projects between architects, owners and subcontractors.

How JE Dunn solved it with Forge

Forge helped JE Dunn improve their workflow and create a more transparent experience for customers. With Forge APIs, JE Dunn was able to make important data accessible by creating a centralized dashboard. The Dunn Dashboard aggregates project data in one place, connecting workflows, improving the quality and efficiency of processes, and positively transforming the company culture.

By collecting important BIM data and pushing it into other JE Dunn systems, Forge lets users access the data they need and add new data in a structured way—ensuring that JE Dunn’s project teams can make the best possible decisions about projects. Forge also gives employees, external partners and customers visibility into every project stage by enabling a 3D Model based view of the data.

JE Dunn is now able to make business decisions using reliable, integrated costing information. And since Forge is based on industry standard technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, REST and OAuth, JE Dunn’s IT staff is able to integrate Forge and existing enterprise systems quickly—saving time and money.

"When Forge came along...we were able to streamline the process and now we don't have any siloed projects. Everything is connected from the Forge layer to our ERP which is the way we want our data to be. We want everything to be linked up and consistent."

Mark Stocks
Director of Information Architecture
JE Dunn

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