Visual insights into the past, present, and future of job site conditions


Founded in 1996, EarthCam is a global leader in providing webcam content, technology, and services. The construction industry relies on EarthCam’s high-resolution megapixel cameras and software to document, monitor, and promote projects around the world.

The Challenge: Complex construction sites make it hard to see, document, and prevent issues

Complex construction sites make it hard to see, document, and prevent issues. Any small delay or error can throw the entire schedule and budget into disarray. And the problem gets worse the longer it goes unnoticed.

Many contractors use high-resolution cameras to monitor activity. But the cameras produce massive files. Often, those images are disconnected from the building information models (BIM) and other construction software.

Yet, that visual data could answer critical questions about the job’s progress.  Does the install match the building model? Did the right trades show up and keep the project on schedule? Are the correct equipment and materials in place? EarthCam sought a way to make its real-time images actionable by linking them to other construction technology.

The Solution: EarthCam integrates job site images into models and construction management tools

EarthCam integrates its high-resolution job site images into 3D building models and construction software management tools. EarthCam uses precise geometry to align a model to its construction cameras, which provide live and historical images of progress. The video and photos surface in Autodesk’s cloud platform through Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 APIs. Combined with the Viewer, the APIs provide the foundation for an augmented reality experience.

EarthCam’s images are overlaid with interior and exterior models, linking the design to as-built conditions to detect errors and show progress. They serve as a source of documentation, augmented with markups and annotations, and sent to Autodesk Build or BIM 360. This connection reduces friction between siloed data sources. The APIs allow them to detect whether a user is on Autodesk Build or BIM 360 and deliver their list of projects in a way that requires no additional user input.

Sensor data turns the integration into a live digital twin, allowing project members to: monitor weather conditions with environmental sensors; use AI object detection to track the teams and equipment to monitor safety; and refer back to historical data for decisions, such as analyzing concrete pour conditions. The breadth of EarthCam’s integration gives teams visual insights into the past, present, and future conditions of the jobsite.

Click here for additional reference materials on their Autodesk Construction Cloud integration or to request a follow-up from EarthCam.

Business Outcomes: Improved collaboration, safety, and sustainability

  • Better collaboration between the office and field by connecting data sources
  • Fewer errors and less rework
  • Improved safety oversight
  • Improved sustainability by reducing travel to job sites and spotlighting waste. One contractor reported that remote live-views cut their travel budget by 75%

“It’s literally like walking in the middle of the model and being able to view live video simultaneously. It’s not just camera hardware that does that. It’s EarthCam’s software. It’s our partnership with Autodesk that brings these worlds together." - Lisa Kelly, VP New Business, EarthCam

“EarthCam has integrated our project’s 3D models into the video feed allowing us to see them in augmented reality. The augmented video feed shows progress and future work that will be done." - Thomas Dansby III, Zachry Industrial

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Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) APIs

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