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Applied Technology digitizes and shares BIM models to streamline site inspections


Applied Technology, a Certified Forge Systems Integrator, wants to enable “a world connected to BIM.” The company provides one-stop BIM service—bringing together people and technology so stakeholders can create and use BIM models more effectively. 


TAISEI CORPORATION, established in 1917, is one of Japan’s leading general construction companies. Applied Technology helped TAISEI CORPORATION digitize its BIM data to create a BIM-powered mobile application, making standardized construction project inspections more efficient.


Many Japanese construction sites still use paper drawings to perform and track site inspections. The paper drawings are used to transfer BIM models and data from “model creators” (BIM software users) to “model users” (stakeholders such as site inspectors, many of whom don’t use BIM). By digitizing the paper-based process and using Forge to place BIM models in the cloud, Applied Technology could give both model creators and model users easy access to site inspection drawings—and TAISEI CORPORATION could streamline its site inspection process.

How Applied Technology Co. solved it with Forge

First, Applied Technology needed to create a central repository for TAISEI CORPORATION’s construction data—from drawings in BIM 360 Docs to on-site check results such as beam reinforcement information. Applied Technology chose Forge to help TAISEI CORPORATION store and centralize site data in the cloud. 


Forge also made it possible for TAISEI CORPORATION employees to share and view BIM models across user groups, with the Forge Viewer and Model Derivative API. The company’s stakeholders no longer needed to rely on paper drawings to share BIM models. Instead, the company built a mobile application based on Forge technology to standardize paperless inspections. The app significantly reduced the time needed for issues identified during site inspections to be corrected on the job site, improving overall productivity.


For TAISEI CORPORATION, Forge offers the following benefits: 

  • Improves collaboration—anyone with a tablet can access BIM data and perform work using BIM
  • Eliminates paper with digitized drawings and on-site inspections
  • Cuts inspection time and helps employees resolve project issues more quickly

“Autodesk Forge and BIM 360 Docs are the best way to share and use drawings.”—Jun Okoshi, Chief Product Officer, TAISEI CORPORATION

Applied Technology

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Data Management API
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