15 Aug 2017

Webinar has started ! - Learn about Forge

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Hey Folks, the 'Forge Webinar' series has just started !



Here's a quick recap of what's on:

Date : August 15th 
Topic : Introduction to BIM 360 & business opportunity with App store 
Presenter : Jim Quanci 

Date : August 16th 
Topic : Introduction to BIM360 and Forge API 
Presenter : Mikako Harada 

Date : August 17th 
Topic : Authentication & Data Management 
Presenter : Augusto Goncalves 

Date : August 18th 
Topic : Model derivatives API 
Presenter : Adam Nagy 

Date : August 22nd 
Topic : Viewer 
Presenter : Jaime Rosales Duque 

Date : August 23rd 
Topic : BIM 360 Account level API 
Presenter : Mikako Harada 

Date : August 24th 
Topic : Submitting BIM360 App to Autodesk App store 
Presenter : Augusto Goncalves

It's not too late.  Sign up here for tomorrow's 'Introduction to BIM360 and Forge API' to get started:


...and you can also catch the replay on our YouTube channel here:


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