23 Aug 2018

Viewer Release Notes: v6.1

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  • MEASUREMENT_CHANGED_EVENT to contain type & id


  • Handling new paper transform for 2d files.
  • Support for png based leaflets
  • Function viewer.getVisibleModels()
  • Allow meta keys (CMD) to be used on mac. Applies to Markup’s copy/paste/undo/redo commands. All tools benefit from this change, too.


  • Global variable LMV_RESOURCE_VERSION


  • zoomWindowTool issue on window resize
  • Markup’s text input height when zooming
  • iOS10 device keyboard now hides after editing a text markup
  • Top right area is now clickable when viewcube is disabled (ex: 2D documents)
  • “Calibration required” dialog displays as expected
  • Path to markups output files in string replace
  • Editing markup in IE11 (update canvg third party to address)
  • Environment Background image visiblity while in 2D file compare
  • Visibility of measuring axes on mobile devices
  • Camera view when loading Navisworks saved views
  • Bump map heuristics overwriting the specified bumpScale / “generic_bump_amount” in certain cases.
  • Measure button behavior when pressing for the second time
  • Duplication of focal length and edit frame elements when changing sheets
  • 3D section missing capping in the view saved with a pushpin
  • Text markup jumps after finishing editing on iOS
  • World up tool (roll) for extension Autodesk.SplitScreen
  • BimWalk guide missing title: Run
  • Zoom tool when Autodesk.SplitScreen extension is active.

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