27 Feb 2018

Viewer Release Notes: v4.0.1

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UI Themes

ALERT!  Changes to UI themes in version 4.0 may break applications developed using 3.3.5 and earlier.

Light and Dark UI themes are now available.

Existing Theme (Version 3.3.5 or earlier)               

existing theme














string = "dark-theme"                                           

dark theme

string = "light-theme"

 light theme

API Reference

setTheme(string); //available string options are "dark-theme" (default) or "light-theme"

Enhanced Search Results

Search now yields results in a more intuitive results summary.

Existing Search Functionality. (Version 3.3.5 or earlier)


Improve Functionality Search (Version 4.0.1)

4 version

You can also learn more about it at this blog post. Link

Toolbar API

ADDED new toolbar API

API Reference

activateExtension(extensionID, mode);  // Activates the extension based on the extensionID and mode given.
                                          By default uses the first available mode in getExtensionModes()

deactivateExtension(extensionID);      // Dectivates the extension based on the extensionID specified.

IsExtensionActive(extensionID);        // Check if the extension is active or not by passing the extensionID.

IsExtensionLoaded(extensionID);        // Check if the extension is loaded or not by passing the extensionID.

getLoadedExtensions();                 // Get a list of all the extensions that are currently loaded.

getExtensionModes(extensionID);        // Get a list of all the modes that are available for the given extensionID. 
                                          For example, "Autodesk.Measure" has modes: "distance", "area", "angle", "calibrate"



Autodesk Forge Viewer Usage Limitations Disclaimer

The Autodesk Forge viewer can only be used to view files generated by Autodesk Forge services. The Autodesk Forge Viewer JavaScript must be delivered from an Autodesk hosted URL.

Multi-model support

UI behavior has been updated to allow multiple models. In addition, model names may now be overridden in the Model Browser.

FragmentList visibility flags

Initial visibility flags for fragments are now supported.

Measure, Markup and Hyperlinks are now external extensions

Material Tiling Patterns

Protein Materials tiling patterns are now supported.

Swedish language localization

Localized Swedish language "sv" is now supported.



Fixed minor problem with selection of dimension markup.

Fixed problem with Fit to View not working for all models.

Fixed selection highlight issue when using non-photoreal rendering styles.

Viewer no longer refreshes needlessly in specific cases.

Textures now work in Prism materials coming from Revit.

Loading of large raster images has been optimized.

Isolation is no longer cleared when measuring.

Pivot point can now be predictably changed in orthographic projection.

Zoom Window no longer leaves artifacts over selected objects.



Release Date: 2018-02-21


  • Fixed “ReferenceError WGS is not defined.” The WGS global variable that was used by LMV was not defined. The fix was to change the output format of the Rollup build of WGS from UMD to IIFE.



Localization is incomplete in the Settings panel, where titles "Navigation" and "Performance" remain printed in English.


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