11 Oct 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 7.4

viewer release


Release Date: 2019-10-08


  • Disable explode UI when creating or editing a pushpin.
  • Updated default memory budgets used by theĀ ``Autodesk.MemoryLimited``extension.


  • SceneBuilder API.
  • Autodesk.ProfileUi extension, which can be used for switching to existing viewer profiles.


  • Issue with the Layers Panel where parent-children relationships were not displayed correctly.
  • Pixel Compare: Issue where sometimes the DiffTool would display inconsistent results on Leaflets.
  • Pixel Compare: Background changes color after clicking on visibility button.
  • Pixel Compare: Navigation toolbar was missing in diff mode.
  • Pixel Compare: Handle models without background.
  • Crash in AEC HyperlinkTracker in cases where no sheets are found.
  • Unable to load PushPin issue when seedUrn was missing.
  • Separate the CSS styles with comma.
  • New popout extension.
  • Errors when when using snapping for 3D lines.
  • Unresponsive error in memory limited mode.
  • PDF: Display progress bar while downloading content.


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