28 Jun 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 7.0

viewer release

V7 Changelog






This major release, LMV 7.0, contains breaking changes to better accommodate upstream merges, specify new file loaders, reduce package size, and improve performance.

We strongly recommend that you specify the version of Viewer code you are using for web applications deployed in production. By including a specific version number, you can update your application as necessary to accommodate breaking changes and dictate when to migrate to the next version. To learn how to load version-specific Viewer libraries, refer to the section “Getting the Code” in Developer’s Guide BasicsA migration guide will be publish soon.





  • ViewingApplication is bundled into its own javascript file. See Migration Guide
  • viewer.loadModel() API now async and returns a promise
  • LMV-4482 Non-photorealistic rendering feature moved into extension Autodesk.NPR
  • View cube APIs were moved to extension Autodesk.ViewCubeUi
  • Document.getMessages no longer accepts plain GUID. Use Document.getRoot().findByGuid() to obtain the corresponding BubbleNode.
  • Document.getViewGeometry returns BubbleNode instead of raw JSON
  • Pushpin thumbnails generate only when supplying generateIssueThumbnail or generateRFIThumbnail in the extension’s options.


  • JavaScript bundle viewerCE.min.js, compact library with enough capabilities to load SVF and F2D models.
  • Global shutdown API Autodesk.Viewing.shutdown() to shut down the application properly and free up memory.
  • Namespace Autodesk.Viewing.ScreenShot containing static functions for capturing viewer screenshots.
  • 2nd argument userData into model.getPropertyDb().executeUserFunction(userFunction,userData).
  • 2nd argument opacity into set2dSelectionColor(newTHREE.Color(r,g,b), opacity)
  • Option to display a toolbar vertically new avu.ToolBar('toolbar-id', { alignVertically: true });
  • Extension.onToolbarCreated(toolbar) API.
  • Compact vertex buffer support to VertexBufferReader
  • viewer.overlays which exposes APIs for adding overlay scenes, meshes, etc.
  • viewer.unloadModel()viewer.hitTest(), and viewer.refresh().
  • model.getFragmentPointer() which exposes the FragmentPointer class of a specific fragment in the model.
  • APIs to change the zoom dolly speed:
var tool = viewer.toolController.getTool('dolly');

tool.setDollyDragScale(value); //Drag Speed

tool.setDollyScrollScale(value); //Scroll Speed
  • Zoom speed and scroll wheel speed slider controls added to Settings.
  • Canadian-French local language support.
  • Pinch gesture support into extension Autodesk.BimWalk.
  • Extension Autodesk.Fusion360.Animation can be now configured in a panel accessible from the Settings Panel.
  • headless viewer support for Autodesk.DiffTool extension.
  • Extension Autodesk.NPR can be now configured in a panel accessible from the Settings Panel.
  • Panning ability for 3D Minimap.


  • viewer.getToolbar(true) no longer creates a toolbar. Function no longer takes any parameters.
  • viewer.getToolbarProm():Promise  See Migration Guide
  • viewer.playAnimation(callback) See Migration Guide
  • Document.getViewableItems(document) - use Document.getRoot(). findAllViewables() instead.
  • Document.getItemById(id) - use Document.getRoot().findByGuid() .
  • Document.getPropertyDbPath - Use Document.getFullPath(Document.getRoot().findPropertyDbPath()) to populate this field, in case you are calling Viewer3D.loadModel directly and not using loadDocuementNode, which populates the property automatically.
  • Document.getRootItem - use Document.getRoot()
  • createItem(data) method from extension Autodesk.BIM360.Extension.PushPin; it has been replaced by loadItems([data]) .
  • RESET_EVENT - No part of the code was firing the event; few classes where responding to it.
  • viewer.load(), replaced by viewer.loadModel() .
  • viewer.isolateById(), replaced by viewer.isolate() .
  • viewer.displayHomeandInfoButton() .
  • MarkupsCoreUtils.getClipPathId(), replaced by MarkupsCoreUtils.getUniqueID() .


  • Pushpin label with spaces bug.
  • CrossFadeEffect artifact bug on 2D.
  • Pushpin selection bug on iOS.
  • Pushpin visibility button bug.
  • Slow 2d model.
  • Visibility animation.
  • Selection color to the blender shader.
  • Minimap cleanup error when deactivating the tool.
  • Inconsistent functionality of the toolbar bug.
  • When an extension exists in loadExtensionLocal, return it instead of loading it again.
  • Pixel compare was broken.
  • Empty fontCache bug when changing sheets.


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