5 Mar 2019

Viewer Release Notes: v 6.5

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  • To properly support models with animation, on-demand-loading is disabled in viewer.loadDocumentNode() when Autodesk.Fusion360.Animation is present in BubbleNode's extensions.
  • UI code for the Explode slider has been moved out of GuiViewer3D and into extension Autodesk.Explode.
  • Settings Panel (which had been locked in a fixed location since being updated in 4.1.0) is now floating and can again be moved around the canvas.
  • Code for section planes from LevelsExtension was moved out of viewerState.cutplanes and into viewerState.floorGuid.


  • Model Browser displays child element count in parentheses.


  • WebGLRenderer can now use a WebGL2 context

  • New methods to Fusion Animation extension Autodesk.Fusion360.Animation to optionally decouple cameras from animation:
  • When setFollowCamera(false) is invoked, playing an animation will not affect the camera state. Likewise, the animation will not stop when the user orbits the model. The default behavior remains unchanged. The UI also remains unchanged, so the feature can only be activated via javascript.

  • Recursive flag to viewer.setThemingColor function:

setThemingColor( dbId, color [, model [, recursive ] ] )


  • model.getPropertyDb().executeUserFunction():Promise Allows executing user supplied function code on the worker thread against the PropertyDatabase instance. The returned value from the supplied function will be used to resolve the returned Promise.
 executeUserFunction(function(pdb) {
         var dbId = 1;
         pdb.enumObjectProperties(dbId, function(propId, valueId) {
               // do stuff
  • New totalRasterPixels property to decide when to render PDFs using the new vector renderer.(Once this property is enabled in Derivative Services,) PDF pages that contain less than about 1 megapixel of raster images will be rendered with the vector renderer; otherwise the Leaflet renderer is still used.


  • Screenshot includes overlays, SAO and antialiasing
  • Icons get mixed with lowercase letter font in IE/Edge
  • Use DPI data embedded in markups/pushpins to scale them according to the DPI of the current version
  • Shadow maps which were broken after 3.3
  • Shift+Click selects object while selector is disabled
  • Explode slider doesn't work on Android mobile devices
  • Improper selection color on theming colored items
  • Navigation lock race condition with touch devices.
  • DropMeTool logic to resolve overlapping viewports
  • Minimap improvements
  • Viewcube triad sometimes vanishes when aligned to axis
  • fitBounds now takes into account camera rotation (roll)

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